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Default The Wind Dagger Sram and You.

DarkMaverick's Guide to the Wind Dagger Sram.

This will mark my first guide, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It's a work in progress and I'll update with a new section as often as I can. So let's dive in.

Why wind and why focus on melee skills?
The wind skill tree allows you to control where enemies are on the field by pushing enemies. This is valueble in solo fights, but more so when you're fighting with a group. The skills in the Weapon tree allow Srams to deal good damage without traps. The main reason I like this build is because of how quickly fights go. Fighting a single enemy at the same level should take about a minute or less as long as you know your hotkeys and since you're invisible most, if not all, of the fight there's no need to regenerate HP. Thus leveling goes more quickly.


Damage is listed from the description of each skill at level 0.

Training Skills

The main skills to get as quickly as possible are Invisibilty, Double Attack, Evasion, and Art of the Spank.

Cost: 1AP 1WP
Range: 0
Area: 1
Effect: Makes you invisible for 2 turns.

This is priority number one as far as skills go. It's on the level 5 bracket of the support tree. Notes on this skill:
-No action will cause you to lose Invisibility.
-While invisible you can be hit, but you will remain invisible.
-Each action and movement gives a small chance to be detected. This will indicate your position, but only for that action. Moving after being detected is a great way to misrepresent your position.
-You can still be tackled while invisible.

Double Attack
Cost: 3AP
Range: 1
Area: 1
Effect: -50% attack for 1 turn.

Double Attack is on the level 20 bracket of the weapon tree. It seems like it will take a while to get there, but Dagger Proficiency and Dagger Specialization are both passive skills that level up quickly. This is essentially two attacks in one.
-First is an attack with the weapon equipped in the right-hand slot, then an attack with the weapon in the left-hand slot.
-The -50% attack is applied to the weapon in the left hand only.
-Using Double Attack twice in the same turn will deal the same damage despite having the -50% listed already when you perform the second one.

This is easily my most used skill. The only problem is that the damage relies on the daggers you have equipped. Early on this can mean weak damage due to lack of good daggers or a weak wallet because of the cost of decent daggers.

Cost: 2AP
Range: 2
Area: 1
Effect: +10% initiative for 1 turn. Teleports user to the targetted cell and ends the turn.

-As shown above you can teleport diagnolly.
-You cannot be tackled while using this skill.

General use is when approaching an enemy. Use Invisibility, Double Attack, and then finish the turn by using Evasion to get behind them.

Art of the Spank
Cost: 2AP
Range: 0
Area: 1
Effect: +10% to attacks from behind for 1 turn.

Art of the Spank is on the level 10 bracket of the support tree. The main time I use it is the turn Invisibility runs out. Casting Invisibility, Art of the Spank, and Double Attack costs exactly 6AP.

Other Useful Skills:

Wind Level 0

Cost: 3AP
Range: 1-2
Area: 1
Effect: -3 HP

The starting wind skill for the Sram. It's got range and does decent damage. Good skill for early on.

Wind Level 5

Cost: 3AP
Range: 1-3
Area: 1
Effect: -10 Will for 1 turn. Pushes away by 2 cells.

Good for pushing enemies into traps or just away from you. Not a lot of uses for 1v1, but good for fighting with groups. Also note that since it reduces Will enemies will be more prone to status effects. Finally, pushing enemies into each other will cause both to take damage.

Wind Level 10

Repulsive Trap
Cost: 4AP
Range: 1-3
Area: 1
Effect: -10 HP. Pushes away by two cells.

This is pretty much the gem of the Wind skill tree and requires some explanation to how it works and how to use it.
-When cast this skill only targets one cell, but the actual trap is placed on the 4 adjacent cells as can be seen in the above image.
-If an enemy is on a trigger when this skill is cast then when that enemy attempts to move the trap will trigger, unlike other traps. Doing this can entirely negate an enemies' turn since after being pushed back they will not attempt to move again.
-Against a single enemy that has no ranged attacks this trap can make you essentially invincible. Simply cast it one cell in front of yourself and then step into the center. You can't trigger your own traps, so the enemy will attempt to move next to you, activate the trap, get pushed back, and end their turn. It's generally slow, but it's better than dying.
-If an enemy is not pushed back at least 1 cell it will still move after the trap is activated.
-If an enemy is pushed into another enemy or object they take extra damage.

Cost: 5AP
Range: 1
Area: 1
Effect: -6 HP. 25% chance of inflicting the effect 'Hemorrhage' when cast from behind.

Hemorrhage is just like poison. It deals -10 HP at the beginning of the enemy's turn for 1 turn. At level 50 it deals -50 HP and -100 HP at level 100.

Laceration itself is fairly good in the beginning. Combined with Invisibity and Evasion it's not hard to set up and deals decent damage. However, I have not found a use for it since finding a decent pair of daggers and getting Double Attack.

Wind Level 20

Piege Sournois
Cost: 2AP
Range: 2-4
Area: 1
Effect: -5HP

I've gotten into the habit of reffering to this skill as Tricky Trap. There is always some sort of use for this With it's cheap cost and the fact that it doesn't require line of sight. It's a great way to tack on a few extra points of damage and to be as efficient as possible with your AP each turn. At level 25 the range increases to 2-5; at level 50 it increases to 2-6; at 75 it's range is 2-7; and finally at level 100 it has a whopping range of 2-8.


Srams are an assassin class. Just like other MMOs assassins like to fight single strong enemies rather than a group of weaker ones. Keep this in mind when choosing fights. Try to find one mob roughly 5 levels over your own.

Level 1-5

Piwis! they can be found most anywhere in town. Color does not matter as the most important thing you want from them right now are pieces to the Adventurer's Set. Also, take this opportunity to spam Dodge in order to unlock Invisibility.

Level 5-10

Gobbals, Larva, Roses, or Tofu. Anything that's right outside town. I suggest sticking fairly close because as of the last patch players under level 10 are returned to their temple in town when ressurected despite saving at a phoenix.

By now Invisibility should be making fights much easier. Keep a note that at low levels you will get tackled a lot, so attack before attempting to move around behind an enemy if you're in a tackle zone.

Level 10-15

Now it's time to venture out a little farther. I suggest heading on out to the phoenix north-east of town.

Here we find the majority of the Tofu family. Here's a quick rundown of things to know for this area.

- Baby and Petite Tofu have a high rate of detection. However, generally only the monster that actually does the detecting will attack or move based on that information.

- She-Tofus will use a skill that spawns Baby Tofus in order to try and detect you while you are invisible. They only have 10hp and can be dealt with in one attack, but it's not needed unless you're detected since when the She-Tofu dies so do all of her spawns.

- Tofukaz have their own Invisibilty and can also make other enemies invisible. Generally while they are invisible they won't move or act if you are also, so keep track of where they went invisible at and attack that spot.

- For everything else just go invisible and start bashing away.

- Train melee attacks and once 'Use of a Weapon' and 'Dagger Speacialization' reach a combined level of 13 try to find a couple of Dague de Bois. Tofu Mutants, Tofu Ventripotent, and Tofukaz all drop them.

- After that keep training your weapon tree in order to get Double Attack.

Level 15-20

Hopefully now you have Double Attack and at least one Dague de Bois. Keep training in the same area killing mostly Tofu Ventripotents and Chef de Guerre Tofus. Mostly focus on Chef de Guerre Tofus since they drop the level 16 Dague Assante. The goal in these levels is to get the support tree to 20 in order to unlock Evasion. Once that's unlocked the actual time spent on fights should decrease since only one attack will be to the front of an enemy. Most fights should now start hopefully with an enemy within 3 panels of the dividing line so that it can be reached in one turn, then a Double Attack, Invisibility, and finally finishing the turn by using Evasion to go behind them. Keep in mind that Evasion ends the turn, so casting Evasion and ending the turn will skip your next turn.

More training tips to be added later. The equipment section is going to take some time outside of the Daggers since I would like to figure out exactly how weapon damage is calculated before suggesting equipment.

The only piece of equipment I can suggest are the pants that give +4 Critical. Simply amazing.

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