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Originally Posted by BrokenKarma
Well, this has been buggin me for a while now.
Many ppl have said tht hair products such as hairspray,wax, etc. tht have alcohol in it (ie; Alcohol Demat) will make ur hair fall out. @_@;.

They said tht it wouldnt happen instantly but it will occur once ur in ur 30's?
Well this past week, everytime i scratched my head, a piece of hair would fall out O.O;;

So i freaked out and went to buy some alcohol free products D: but turns out the suck hard =(.

Can anyone confirm this?

I'm not 30 yet, but I always lose strands of hair from brushing. I doubt it'll make your hair fall out, be dfficult to prove it as well, since even simple stress can make your hair fall out and you stressing over the worry can add to the belief, despite it may simply just be your paranoia causing your hair to fall out (funny huh?). I'd say you're safe with such products, but I can't really back this up with facts... just from my experience :/
It doesn't seem to be linked to any problems unless it is consumed though...