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My comments are below.

Could be like this:

High Priority:
-Marx thanskgiving (15d)
-Sheep boxes (15d)

Yeah, these two need to be done ASAP.

-Rosalyna's Gacha (is still here btw?)

Rosalyna's gacha items have been removed, but I have at least one of everything, so I can put in some information, even if it's unique to my items.

Mid Priority
Aria's Gacha (4/5 or 6 months who knows)

Yeah, that one can stay on the back burner for a little bit while we take care of the more important stuff.

Low Priority:
-New 170 sets (permanent)
-Star gazing quest (permanent i think)

Are they permanent? I have no idea. The main page doesn't say they'll be removed any time soon, so I guess they'll be here for a while.

-Star gazing guide (tips and stuff, may come later)

Hmm, good idea. We can add something to that page asking if anyone wants to contribute guides for that.

other things:
-the map pages Drilling informations are outdated, and that's a hard job D:

Yeah, that's a tough one. Where did the drilling information come from before?

-steal get a lot of skill formulas from jWiki (and try them out to see if they're accurate, once for good) xD

lol. I never really pay attention to how much damage I deal (just as long as the monster dies XD), but I can help out if necessary.

-adding all the event stuff in "other hat", other shield, other weapon"... Fashion, Inner and cape lists need some update too.

Yeah, I noticed there were a lot of red links on those pages. I'll try to help out with that as much as I can. I took a Trickster hiatus for about a year, though, so I won't be of much help for items that arrived in the past year or so. =/

So much work lol xD

Think of it as volunteer work and helping the Trickster community out of the goodness of your heart. lol XD
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