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Hi Mizu, great job you've done so far

---> answer below

1) Current Events - Has anyone done any of these yet? I added the red links onto the wiki homepage, but I can't add content yet because I know next to nothing about the quests.

--> I'm working on it. Slowly. 1 quest per day for marx and the star gazer girl, to keep some suspens and let ppl try to do it by themselves ;o

2) Magic Stones - I noticed a lot of the stones have red links, so I'm just filling them out one by one, with lots of copying and pasting. Is anyone willing to help out to make the process faster?

---> copy/pasta is win

Those are the two main ones. Here's a few others that I'll try to get around to, but I welcome any help:

3) Card Mastery Items - I think some of the cards don't have the skills listed under them that they are used for in mastery.

--> Problem is, i'm not even sure the mastery items on our table are up to date. According to the jWiki, most of the "etc items" used there (like malachite) are now replaced by monster cards. Back to June this year, the Character Rubber was still ok to master Evo, not sure it's accurate nowadays.

4) Cards for Card Quests - Some of the cards aren't listed as Card Quest items, so I wanted to fix that.

--> Good idea

5) Adding the new Event/MyShop pets and boxes

--> Many, many sheep items have been added, a few ones are still missing. The new 170 set can be added, too

6) Finishing the info on the Rosalyna Set

--> Good idea (tooshort2)

7) Table of Contents for the major quest areas (Caballa, Oops Wharf, etc.)

--> good idea (tooshort3) xD

8) Chaos Spire/Tower info

--> Yay i cant wait to see more infos about Chaos Tower =3

9) Anything else I can think of, lol.

Thanks for your help, the wiki's going better everyday

Btw, should we make a to-do list or something, just to coordonate our stuff, and give it different priorities as well: like, 15-day limited items/quest/event are more urgent than perma content, for example? Just thinking.