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Default Krieg traits

Some traits of krieg for future user. krieg is more like a utility player.

Pros :
- Following lime nurf'd , kreig take the role of highest dps against boss with his xform. ( Lime characteristic )
- Ability to fake res with a skill similar to E-heal, and heal mana though I dont use that ( Eir )
- High Hp, He gains more vit than knight per level, iirc . His hp increase is 660 at max, he has party mdef buff which reagent reduce from 8 to 2 now at max level. ( Sieg )
- Hax aoe/dps. Probably only dacy with crit buff and yuki can rivals/beat that . ( Dacy )
- Generally low mp cost to cast his skills becoz his int is horrendously low. This is good because the pots u drink enable u to cast more skills relatively than other characters.
- Best Melee Range & A wake up in game ( I think )

- Suicidal due to misuse of S button.

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