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well there's fire counter but damn, that takes so long...

warning: you need a kite shield for this or you'll get pwnt, and probably like a couple hp30 pots xD
what I usually do is start with an N+1 (or just two normal hits if you don't know how), and make sure I'm very close to the golem after the last hit. Then I windmill it, go into defence, and walk away to avoid possible a possible stomp.

If he rushes at me, the defend works, but I end up getting hit for around 30-50 damage. Not a big deal, because after defence, I just pot up during the delay between normal hits.

Then just do that til he dies. If he walks around, he's using defence, so smash him and walk away in defence. If he stands still for a long time, he's using counter or windmill so just stay away from him and put up a counter or defence. If he runs at you with a skill over his head he's using smash, so just N+1 him before he gets to you and repeat the first steps.

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