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Heh, an actual dancing skill would probably be a lot of work to implement (and they'd need to create a new mini-game for it ) There should be at least a few different dance animations, other than Simon's animation. :< Fails would be fun, though... *imagines huge fails, with the character tripping and falling on his/her face with a loud "thump" sound*

Tanning skill would be nice.. Lots of games either have a tanning skill, or let you loot corpses, so it's not like there's no precedent. Shame tanning in Mabi is considered barbaric. XD

It would have to be either really hard to level at earlier ranks, or give fine/finest leathers rarely at later ranks. Or maybe it could gather a different sort of leather, or be very selective? No tanning kobolds, only animals like bears, that sort of thing..

A buffed production mastery would be nice, although there's an item in the current Korean version that speeds up gathering rate for ~5 minutes, if I remember right. Not the same as a skill, though..