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Default Inno's Random Visits to the World of TO

Yea since everyone knows I don't really log on Trickster anymore, I decided to document my "random visits."

Here's the first RECORDED event:

November 17, 2008. 8:15 PM PST

-I log on.
-I officially announce the starting of the "Inno's Random 30 Second Visits"
-foxxydriller starts counting backwards from 30-1
-foxxydriller had to start over at 23, cuz of messing up ._.;
-foxxydriller then restarts counting to 30
-messes up counting from 11, 12, 1, 13
-InnoSensei logs the event
-foxxydriller comments "I can count >_>" (or something like that)
-Inno's 30 second visit actually lasted 1 minute 15 seconds

Visit #2:

November 21th, 2008 roughly 7PM EST.

-Innosensei logs on
-Innosensei is greeted by iZelda, Worldsbeginning, and Vincents
-InnoSensei hands iZelda cookies and cream
-iZelda seems happy
-Worldsbeginning finds InnoSensei in person.
-Worldsbeginning greets InnoSensei in person
-InnoSensei Greets Worldsbeginning "sup haxor"
-WoldsBeginning's reply "since when was I hax"
-InnoSensei's reply "Since the 'Worldsbeginning"
-Innosensei stands idolly in Mega due to updating his visit as time passes by for about 1 minute
-InnoSensei rants about my shop for about 30 seconds
-InnoSensei listens about "rocsy"
-InnoSensei says his goodbyes and logs off
-Total time online was 10 minutes 32 seconds.
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