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IGN: Raioneru
Class: Gladiator to_mercenary
Level: 17X
Guild: Symphony

You all Know me as Raioneru (others Talos)

Playing trickster....durr

Raioneru is based of my real name(just in a diff language)

Yes Moff i agree. I get confused about 70% of the time. X_X

I enjoy anime(Outlaw Star!) and video games(Sonikku <3)

i usually am a very lazy person when it comes to online games. never see me get past lvl 38 in most games)

basically trying to hit 210 before 3 weeks pass to get an item(which i doubt i'll get X_X)

i'd write more but im soooooooooooooo sleepy >.>

MarksmanTalos lvl 151 1144 lion(Secondary)

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