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Originally Posted by buta
I saw no post or mention of stunlock. However, I was able to see the fight where it occured.

However, the original point of this guide was not to provide an overly complicated guide for Lime. I simply have seen too many sad Limes in PvP and stages that don't use any common sense or know about many of the things I've written here.

Again, however, should the consensus be large enough and should Jeneral want to help in writing a section specifically on the more complicated aspects (or high-tier if that word is preferred), I will consider adding in a PvP section to that extent. But I really would encourage a seperate guide as I'm sure extensive things could be written on the topic.
Originally Posted by m1s3ri
I didn't see this "stunlock," but ... ground infinites, whether or not they're escapable, have always been considered bad manners. i.e. Siegs don't AAAS dS repeat, Tias don't AA dS repeat, Dainns don't AA auto repeat (all of the aforementioned, at a wall/corner). I can't confirm or deny Biki A-spam's effectiveness, but what makes it acceptable in serious matches?
Jeneral posted the "stun lock" in a second post, which I deleted because I deemed it as inappropriate.

About the A-spam, I suppose that it wouldn't be allowed, but it IS a possibility.

@buta: Understood.