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@nilam: If you have updated the game fine, lucky you and consider yourself as having passed the worst stage. I still can't update D: But to answer your question, KEEP TRYING LAUNCH.BAT. I know it gives Trickster.bin errors many times, but I keep trying constantly and it does work eventually. Try it at least 20 times before you give up and see what happens.

Wow I finally got the update going, but instead of telling me "update done" (like it usually does) my progress bar seems stuck at the "Decompressing /Trickster.bin" part. Does this mean I can't try starting the game? I don't want to touch it yet in case the launcher disappears and I have to start it all over again ~_~

EDIT: NEVERMIND. Update is done now. I hope this has helped some people and good luck on connecting lmao.

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