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Arrow Royalty Rules/Application

Royalty Level 12 Neutral
GP : 32 Million Guild Points.
Last Updated 6/02/2010

Royalty wants potential players who are willing to dedicate themselves to be a part of us. We pleasure off doing whatever we want to do.

Level Requirement: 80-100 or based on activity/contribution.

by conte

(Took out the old names and pending placement of all our newer members) It will be updated once we level up.

If you are interested, read our rules below and fill in our application.

Guild Rules

I've realized that a guild without rules seemed unorganized and unattractive. Therefore, We've come up with rules that are expected to be respected and followed. The rules are for the benefit of not just the guild, but for each of the members as well.

If you break a rule, leaders will ask you why you have done it, if it's resonable, all is forgiven. The reason we have explusion is for the benefit of everyone in the guild. We want mature members who are able to control themselves.

1. Kill Stealing
a. If someone Kill steals you, ask that person nicely
to move to a different channel.
Do not say phrases such as this
("You know I was here first, so gtfo now please")
Nothing good is gained through kill stealing
(both the players waste their time and effort, a Loss Loss)

b. The only time you're allowed to KS is when someone else KSes you first or when they refuse to change channels after you've asked (There is only one server in Latale and I understand that having your own grind spot is not an easy task). Goblin King/Demon is competition, don't complain about people ksing them, even if you report them, they won't get banned.

c. Remember, this is just a game; you shouldn't take thing's so seriously/emotionally just because someone KSes you.

2. Hacking/Scamming (No warnings)
STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Hacking/Scamming will result in you being expelled from the guild and banned from the forums with ZERO EXCEPTION.

3. Harassing
A. Never ever start shit/drama first, especially with a guild member.
Do not insult anyone unless they insult you first.

B. If you stalk people into different channels just to harass them, you're banned on the spot. This behavior is unacceptable.

4. Begging/Greed
A. Royalty consists of people who are mature enough to handle themselves. Therefore, do not beg for money or help with quests. Emphasis on Begging. Just because someone can help you does not mean that they should just drop whatever they are doing the second you ask for help. Everyone has thier own agenda in game and that should be respected before your own needs.

B. When you party play with your fellow members, take off pet auto-loot, go to fashion shop if you're going to afk, no calling on whichever items drop, don't be selfish. In bosses, remember to also have loots off because drama will start if an urn drops and you auto loot it if you are in an equally powerful party.

C. Don't ask new members(apprentice, veteran) for help with instances/quests, they want to feel welcomed not used.

Instances: Saphiro and all other higher level members MAY take care of Scenario Quests for you when they have the time.
Thank them when they do. Never take it for granted when someone decides to help you.
Royalty Instance Runs:
OGPlanet Forums: Royalty Instance Runs

5. Equipments
Equipments mailed to you by any of the members are to be passed on to a lower level member once you no longer need them.
That way, money is conserved and you are supporting the guild for our future guild events.
Remember to thank the members who send you the items.
*If you have no one to hand over the equipment to, sell it to the npc.

6. Environment
Be kind to everyone unless they start giving you shit first. You should be treated in the way you're suppose to be treated, if someone gives you shit give them shit back, Give the same respect they give to you, enough said.
Never start shit first

7. Guild Etiquette
a. Hear out to your guildmates. If someone asks a question,
try to respond even if your answer is "I don't know".
Unless you're afk, at least one person should be replying to a question asked by a guildmate.
b. Do not start shit within the guild, period. You better apologize if you do. Take responsibility for you own actions. <- READ THIS OVER AND OVER NEWCOMERS! *We've had to kick people in the past solely based on this rule being broken*
c. If you love our guild and our family members, show that you care not just with words, but with actions as well.
d. Don't boast about the guild. I myself and many I know have looked down on guilds that boasted about how great they were. We don't want to be looked down on.
e. Don't whine and Don't talk shit about anyone in gchat - If you get out of hand, i will have you removed.

8. Recruiting
If you want to recruit someone to the guild, ask the guild leaders about it. It's to keep the guild organized and filled with committed members.
I will decide whether or not they're willing to commit themselves to the guild. Lack of activity, talkative nature, and contribution will equal removal from the guild. (There is no excuse for someone with 0 gp who does not speak to anyone. Begging for quest help and trying to sell items to guild members do not count as being talkative.)

9. Inactivity (Only Applies for new members)
If you're going to be inactive, write your reason on the "Inactivity Thread"
If you never go on your character for 4 days straight without giving us a notice, you will be removed.
Inactivity without a good reason tells me that you don't care about the game anymore, which leads to the fact that you don't care about us anymore.

10. Leaving the Guild
If you have any problems regarding the guildmates, consult with the leaders about it before deciding to leave (We will do whatever we can to assist you with your reasons on why you want to leave). Leaving the guild shows how much you don't care about us. If you decide to leave without a reasonable excuse, you will not be welcomed back. Some people just leave for stupid reasons that can be resolved if they just speak up, but if they are that quick to judge or make rash decisions, then well, we won't stop them.

11. Guild Meetings
Guild Meetings will be held after a guild event or if Royalty levels up.
Every member is expected to be at the guild meeting as long as they're online and not afk, location of the guild meetings will always be held inside the guildroom. Guild spirit is something that shows real togetherness and separates us from just caring about pixel's and stats. Remember, we're also a family.

12. Expectations
Royalty hopes that you're having the best gaming experience you've ever had as a member of the family. Even if it's not the best, we want you to be always having fun.

P.S. - Action speaks louder than words.
Show your love with not just words, but with actions as well.

End of Guild Rules

If you want to copy paste some of our ideas ask for my permission

Rule #2 Copy/pasted From:

with xDuo's permission

Guild Application: (Reply on this thread)

OGP Forum Name: Write something on our recruit thread after filling out application.
OGPlanet Forums: [Royalty]LVL3[Neutral]Social/Active/Mature Players
Read the Guild Rules: yes/no
Character IGN:
Character Job/Class:
Character Level:
Activeness: ex. 1-3hours+ a day / 10hours weekday / 5hrs+ weekend
Main Character: Yes/no (We only Accept Mains)
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is:

Real Name: ex. Josh
Time Zone:
What you do for a living:
Type of music you enjoy:
Microphone: Yes/no
Ex guild and the reason you left:
Reason You Want To Join Royalty:

Royalty Official Forum: Log In
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