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Originally Posted by Adun
AGI Sram were awesome for bossing because you could use a Double to tank and dodge lock the target for range characters to easily pick off. The boss would be trying to walk towards weaker targets because the Double has low priority (in most cases) and would keep losing his turn, thus the term "dodge lock", for those who don't know.
Double is still an ability though getting it looks to be quite the pain. There's a Support skill tree and the first skill Dodge levels rather slowly and isn't highly useful at first. But once you get Dodge to level 5, Invisibility and Diversion get unlocked both of which are great for setting up the 'Deal more damage from behind' skills.

Anyways, I'll keep tinkering around and reporting what I find back here. This also reminds me that I should update my IGN in the other thread. Darkmavs for those who don't feel like looking over there.

Edit: 3x Agi cap is still there. Also, how did traps work in Dofus? Because the one that I have is so hard to get it to work. Basically you target a panel and it puts 4 triggers around that panel. Only monsters can activate the triggers, maybe other players, and then the effect of the trap works on the empty panel that's surrounded. So, you have to target a monster, the 4 triggers will be placed all around it and then a different monster would have to step on one of the triggers before the one you targeted moves.

Edit2: It's just that one trap.

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