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Originally Posted by Gati
Srams usually go for pure Agi or pure Str. Agi for the excellent dodge and criticals and for your air spells. You would go pure Str if you want your earth skills to do more damage and these often out damage your air skills. Life is less complicated for a Str character, you don't have to modify your weapons because they are often earth/neutral in the first place. In Dofus, there were more air and water week monsters than earth and fire week, being Agi in that sense helps a lot.
From what I've seen Srams don't have any earth based skills in Wakfu. That and it seems like my Agi is capped at three times my level. So, even though I have 30 points in it, it only shows 21 under the sword symbol. Last level it was 18 and that number increased to 21 when I leveled and nothing happened when I added points.

Also, Repulsive Trap. I really don't understand how it works. I lay the trap, pass the turn, an enemy steps on it and pauses for a second and then continues on like nothing happened. The description says it should deal 10 and push them back 2 spaces.

Edit: I just leveled again and the Agi being capped at 3x your level is still holding true.

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