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Attack Lime Shung: You spawn 3 babies. Slow babies. Slow babies that die fast. No. I don’t care if it looks cool. No. Just… no.
Stage: 0.
PvP: 0.

Slow Lime Shung: You spawn two babies. Just as slow and they die just as fast. No. Mind games? Learn better ones. Cause your mind has to be pretty bad to think these things are effective.
Stage: 0.
PvP: 0.

Poison Lime Shung: Same as above. The name kind of gives away the poison. But it’s still that bad. No.
Stage: 0.
PvP: 0.

Stunned Lime Shung: This is getting repetitive. No. Just no.
Stage: 0.
PvP: 0.

Freezing Lime Shung: Now we’re talking. The first good skill you can get in this section. You spawn 6 blue limes that orbit you. Yes, you’re that fat. Each one freezes your opponent and if they all hit one after the other, they’ll stay frozen for a while.
Stage: 1. Unless you want to farm Jelly Jellys for this for increase in the maximum damage. Not really worth it past level 1.
PvP: 1. Same reasons as stage.

Pang Lime Shung: I have yet to get this skill, too. So from what I’ve seen, it spawns the big blue you and it stays in one spot. It fires two colorful missiles at your opponent and then explodes. It automatically aims, but the long windup time basically lets people run away.
Stage: As far as I’m concerned, level 1. I don’t believe it fires more missiles at higher levels so I can only imagine damage goes up. Not that they mark it. So you could put more points in if you have leftover points.
PvP: 1. This’ll probably never hit. It’s just for a barrier and distraction. Because it’s huge and it’s scary. And if you don’t run, you will get hit.


Kowabunga: You get faster. Each level increases your speed increase and increases the time it lasts. You can skill cancel this skill and still get the speed buff. Keep in mind, though, that this skill basically cancels most other buffs that people can give you or that you can give yourself. Slow lime with buff or fast lime with no buff? Fast lime, thank you very much. Also, this skill carries over to transforms so you’re not a slow fat lime. You can be a fast fat lime. Makes Shuk Shuk obsolete.
Stage: Max. Good luck doing anything without it. You could take a few points away from it if you really must, but close to max is better.
PvP: Same as stage. Without it, you’re just asking to be comboed. Or pwned in some other way. Really. You’ll be slow everywhere.

Rejuvenation Potion: You spit out a potion that heals HP. This potion CAN fake res (Heal someone at 0 HP.) And supposedly can be spit on someone on the ground to be a more useful fake res, but I have yet to achieve that.
Stage: 1 is good enough unless you don’t mind finding reagents and stuff for a better potion.
PvP: Same as above. You can use it when you’re against opponents that don’t know how to hug you.

Mana Potion: You spit out a mana potion. Not much to say about this mana potion. It’s blue. You don’t need it (unless you suck at putting points in mana recovery). Someone else might. So it depends how nice you are.
Stage: 0 unless you’re nice.
PvP: Might be useful depending on your build. But for the most part, not as useful.

Dexterity Potion: You spit out a dexterity potion. This doesn’t stack with Kowabunga. Thus it is useless for you. As it is useless for many people.
Stage: 0
PvP: 0

Intelligence Potion: You spit out an intelligence potion. Still doesn’t stack with Kowabunga. Thus it is also useless to you. So unless you wanna put some points into this just to help someone else’s MP for a limited amount of time, don’t bother with it.
Stage: 0
PvP: 0

Defense Potion: You spit out a defense potion. And, in my opinion, defense is pretty useless. I’m not even sure if this stacks with Kowabunga. I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t. Don’t get it.
Stage: 0
PvP: 0


Deadly Blow: Increase your critical attack chance up to 24%. I can’t think of a possible reason why you wouldn’t get this. Max it. Love it. See the criticals.
Stage: 8. Max it.
PvP: 8.

Mana Recovery: If I said anything, it’d be redundant. It helps your mana recovery. Duh. I have this at 6 and it’s just fine; I’ve never had a problem with MP running out (except when a healer resurrects me. But that’s another story.). I’ve seen builds that max Wiggling Jelly that eat MP like there’s no tomorrow. In which case you might want to consider maxing this. But 6 is fine for me so at 6 it stays.
Stage: 6.
PvP: 6 or 8 depending on your build.

HP Regeneration: If you don’t have this, you have one sad lime. Seriously. No other class has this skill. Why would you even considering passing this up?
Stage: 8. Max it.
PvP: 8 Max it.

Increase Health: You live longer. Nothing bad about that. Get it. Almost an extra 1k HP when maxed. That’s like big buckets of win.
Stage: 9. Maxed.
PvP: 9.

Mana Increase: This skill isn’t as useful. Unless you have a weird build that eats your MP like no tomorrow, if you have MP Recovery at 6, you’ll never have MP problems so this would be moot.
Stage: 0.
PvP: More if you have a weird build, but if you have a weird build, you should reconsider your build. 0.

Combos (with what little skills you have)
I’ll assume you’re facing 6 or to the right. Aesthetically, Lime has almost no combos. If you were to say that, you’d be right. The idea for all combos are basically the same: Knock them in the air, launch them with Wiggling Jelly, and then do something to them while they’re coming down, like Rolling Rolling Thud or Pyororok (though Rolling Rolling Thud definitely does more damage.)

Ex. Kung Kungi - Wiggling Jelly - 4 - Rolling Rolling Thud

A – Space
Wiggling Jelly
Kung Kungi
[A] S

What to do as they fall:
Rolling Rolling Thud
Pyororok Tongtong

[Knockdown ] [Launcher] [Damage]

Insert as you see fit. Many times it depends on the situation.

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