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Default General Guide for Lime

I’m bored. And since this beats doing homework or any work for that matter… oh well.

A General Lime Guide
Okay, so since there’s nothing like this other than skill guides, I figured I’d type one up since Ijji made Lime more readily available to the masses and it hurts my eyes to see a noob. No pictures as of yet, though. We’ll see how bored I am for that one.

As a short disclaimer, guides are not to be followed as if they’re law. Play how you want to play. Make builds how you want to make builds. It’s most important that you play the way you find the funnest and don’t take crap from other people. It’s your character. However, if you are holding your team back or dying a lot, consider how you’re playing and try to improve on that. The things in this guide are meant to help you get better.

I’ll eventually try to add .gifs of stuff like skills, but until then, I hope the big block of text will suffice.

Here I will talk about anything to do with just Lime. Lime as himself. Lime before he gets bigger. Just plain ol’ Lime.

For this part, movement will be represented by their respective number on the numpad. Ie. 6 is right, 4 is left.
Walk – Press a directional key and hold it down. (ie 6) If you’re in town, that’s about the speed you’ll go without Kowabunga (More about it in Skill section)
Dash – Double tap a directional key and keep tapping at regular intervals to have a consistent dash (ie. 66 6 6 6 6 etc.). It’s the same for all characters.
Rolling attack – Triple tap a directional key and continue tapping at regular intervals to have a consistent rolling attack (ie 666 6 6 6 6 etc.). You roll into something and hit them a few times before knocking them down.

A – You spit out a baby. Monsters get damage from the baby and your bite. So if you’re closer, it adds a bit of damage.
S – You spit out a baby that has knockdown and relatively good range. It’s pretty fast, too. Not to mention it homes in on monsters.
Space – This is your down attack. It’s another baby. You can infinitely down attack something with this since it has two hits. One to knock it up in the air again and the other to hit. Using this skill, someone else can combo a monster from the ground after the first hit.

More attacks:
AAA etc. – You spit out lots of babies. Same thing as regular A attack, just in rapid succession. At the end of the chain, you will be tired and will sit there waiting to be hit.
AAS – As long as you press S before you get winded from the long chain of A’s, it’ll spam your A attack and spit out a baby that knocks down stuff. Still homes on monsters.
A Space – You do a regular A attack, but then spit out a slow moving baby that homes. It’s like the regular S attack, except it’s slower and it launches monsters or people much higher. Kinda like Wiggling Jelly.
A6A6A6A6 etc. – Normally, after you do the long chain of A attacks, you get “winded”. If you press a directional key after the A (up to 4 A's), however, it lets you keep going though you will move forward a tad. If you press too fast, you may just dash instead, thus screwing you over.

Skills (And a small review of them.) :


KungKungi: You bounce twice forward, knocking down whatever’s in your way. Damage is pretty bad, but it’s the knockdown you want. There’s almost no startup and a really low cooldown and a really low MP cost, so you could technically spam this. Not that you’d want to.
Stage: 1. Knockdown. Nothing else. More is a waste.
PvP: Same as stage. 1.

Pyororok Tongtong: You kind of shove forward. Not sure how to describe this one. But damage is bad and it doesn’t get better. I never use this at all. Aside from knocking down, there isn’t much else about this that would make someone want to get it. Has invincibility frames, though, since the skill doesn't take very long to do, it won't save you too much in stages.
Stage: 0.
PvP: 0. Or 1 if you really want it.

Rolling Rolling Thud: Your damage dealer without transforms. You roll into something for 6 hits or so, the last one being a hard knockback/knockdown. The first few hits also knockback, but they don’t’ knockdown so this is mostly useful for comboing something in the air or something against a wall. This skill has invincibility frames meaning nothing can hurt you during those times. However, it’s right in the middle of the skill so you’d better have good timing if you want to dodge something with it. Increasing skill level only increases the damage from the last hit.
Stage: 1.
PvP: 1. Some people like more points in this, but I say it isn’t worth it for only the last number to increase. Damage should be your best stat as a lime and, as such, the rest of the hits will matter as much. Especially if your last hit misses the target.

Wiggling Jelly: You poop a blue mine. It’s a launcher similar to another one of your moves. You have a number of options after they fall into this trap and it’s probably one of your best moves. Not that you have many. At level 3, slowdown time is increased.
Stage: 1, 3, or max. Max if you really want the extra damage for the extra MP cost.
PvP: Same as stage. It depends on how good you are with making every hit count. And depends what you do before this. If you just drop it and expect the other person to walk right into it, you’re sadly mistaken.

Sticky Jelly: You spit out 5 green mines that freeze your opponent. Damage is near nonexistent. But the good point about this is the freeze, though it is kinda short.
Stage: 0. I found no need for this in stage. It’s just about useless. You can freeze monsters. For, like, a second. But that doesn’t help you much.
PvP: 1. Your mind games begin here. This is basically a wall that no one wants to go through. Use it to your advantage.

Shiny Shung: You spit out a homing missile much like Dacy’s Wari’s missile. But it’s worse than Wari’s missile. At least Wari can do damage with his. This has a high MP cost for low damage and it’s slow. And it misses if you’re right next to someone. I advise against this one, too.
Stage: 0.
PvP: 0.


Shuk Shuk Lime: You turn red, grow slightly bigger, and get faster. If you level this past level 1, you get a damage increase, too. In the event you do level this past 1, you’re not screwed, but it’s highly unadvised. This skill is pretty much useless unless you do Track in Forest a lot. Difference between this and the other transforms is that this lasts 50 seconds. But that just means you’re 50 seconds of fail. All the attacks are bites. And they all knockdown.
Stage: 0. Aside from Track in Forest, you don’t ever need to go faster. That’s what Kowabunga is for. Not to mention Kowabunga works with the other transforms. This is its own transform. Thus, it fails.
PvP: 0. If you really want to and you somehow have the leftover points, you can put 1 point in so you can hit and run them. But if you fight someone who actually knows how to combo, you’re pretty much screwed.

Biki Lime: You turn orange, bigger, and you get poisonous. Space attack is an area of effect poison cloud. There’s a long animation effect for it and you can’t move or attack again until it’s done. A and S attacks are both the same and can both attack downed monsters. Don’t expect that to work against downed people in PvP.
Stage: At level 5, there’s no speed penalty for the transform and past that, there’s a speed bonus. I have no personal preference on this one. It’s useful for mobs in stages as long as they don’t have a faster recovery than your Space attack. I just put all the leftover points in here. With the new Lime nerf, this does more damage than most of the bigger transforms if you use the Space attack. Max it for stage. It is your new mob murder weapon.
PvP: You kidding? 0. Anyone stupid enough to be afraid of this in PvP should stop PvPing. MAYBE you can get one poison cloud in. That would be right before you get comboed to death. There’s no way you fight someone slower than you that you can use this effectively so it’s basically screwing yourself over.

Bumba Lime: You go green. As far as I can tell, A and S do the same thing with a different sound. You bite. You can bite things on the ground, too. Except you move forward a bit so you’ll have to reposition yourself to account for that if you want to continually bite someone. Space attack is a charge forward for a good amount of damage. Except for the part where it takes a long time to wind up and you’re easily knocked out of it. You’re still comboable so beware.
Stage: 1. You need it . Not cause it’s good or anything. I personally hate this transform. But it’s a prerequisite for Wabang so get it. If you want, you can put more points in. I’d advise against it but you could.
PvP: 1. Same reasons as Biki. You’re slow. If you wanna try pulling it off, you can try biting them to death. But if they do a standing attack, you get knocked down. And then it’s downhill for you from there. Don’t even want to think about using Space attack. Even slower. However, you need it for Wabang. So.. at least one point in this for that reason.

Pang Pang Lime: You go dark green. And boy should you love it. A attack is spitting out one baby (what else can you call them?) that has knockdown. Spamming that isn’t that bad by itself, I guess. S attack is spitting out 4 babies that home in on monsters or people. If you get close to multiple monsters so that you’re touching all of them and then you do the S attack, your attack should hit all of them. The space attack is like Biki’s area of effect poison cloud. The area it affects is pretty much the same.
Stage: Max. If not max, pretty darn close to it. It’s so useful and it’ll definitely be used a lot, even after you get the higher level transforms. Why? Cause you spit babies. No, cause the damage is just that good.
PvP: Max it, too. I don’t use it as much in PvP since you can get knocked down pretty easily and you’re partially comboable.

Cool Wabang Lime: Prerequisite: 1 in Bumba. In case you missed it earlier and all. Why 1 in Bumba? Cause now you’re a bigger Bumba. And you own. Get it. Love it. You’ll use this a lot. A attack is a bite, similar to Bumba’s. They get knocked down. You can’t, however, bite things on the ground. S is not really an attack. You move forward like an idiot and spawn minions around you like Freezing Lime Shung, but damage for a lot more. A glitch with these is they stay after you die. So you can go run up to things and freeze them or resurrect yourself and do the same. Space attack is the damage. You spin forward into monsters and deal damage to them. Lots of damage. For more damage, bite them with A and then quickly do the Space attack so you get some bonus damage from air combo. Don’t do it too fast or else the A attack won’t happen.
Stage: Max it. Once you use it, you’ll know you want it maxed. Not to mention it’s just that cool. And you’ll be using it until you get the next transform. But even then, you’ll be using it.
PvP: Probably the best transform for PvP in my opinion. Bite them and spin. You win.

Cool Pang Pang Lime: I have yet to get this. I will update with more accurate info when I do. Until then, I shall just write my understanding of the skill from other guides. You basically turn into the boss that you’ve killed at least once. A attack is a windup into the spitting of the colorful missile that the slime boss does. S attack is a spitting of 5 slimes in front of you, just like the slime boss does. And Space attack is the win move, shooting out slimes at every 45 degrees around you, again like the slime boss attack, including the slow startup. But it knocks down and each individual missile is pretty good damage right there. However, it’s a glitch (or was it made that way? Who knows.) that makes it so much win. If you get up really close to a monster (usually a boss), it’ll glitch and all the missiles will go into that monster.
Stage: Max it. If I need to defend my position on this, I will be sad for humanity.
PvP: I don’t feel this transform is as useful. You’re big and you have good damage, yes. But you’re REALLY REALLY slow. And unless someone stands idly by and lets you hit them with the Space attack, you won’t get anywhere, really. Not to mention I would assume it knocks them down. It is slightly helpful in Battlefield mode, though. I’ll just leave it at that. If you’re solely PvP, don’t get it.

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