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Default "Survival" French

Just some basic French that people might know/easy to search for.
However, this is generally all you need to know to possibly get some help

Hello/Good Morning: Bonjour
Hello/Good Evening: Bonsoir
Good bye: Au revoir
Do you speak English?: Parlez-vous anglais?
Sorry, I don't speak French: Désolé je ne parle pas français
Can you please leave: Puis-vous, s'il vous plaît quitter?
Hey: Hé

Yes: oui
No: non

Left: gauche
Right: droit
Up: vers le haut
Down: vers le bas

North: nord
South: sud
East: est
West: ouest

Sorry: Désolé
Attack: Attaque
Fail: Échec

[Possible conversation directed at you]
Do you speak French?: Parlez-vous français?
Sorry, I do not speak English: Désolé, je ne parle pas anglais

Originally Posted by JC
want/need XXXX.
J'ai besoin de/d' // un(e) xxxx.

I'm buying.

I'm selling.
Je vends

un peu (a little: for various uses)
tres (very: for various uses)
ce vrai? (really? truthful?: asking for assurance)

Aider, svp! (help please!)
svp (please: abbreviated)

Tout le monde (everyone)
Can you bring me to xxx?: Pouvez-vous me mettre à xxx
temple: temple (lol, i cant find it, so I'm going to use this maybe)

Fuzzy is the greatest person alive: Fuzzy est la plus grande personne vivante

Maybe if you didn't know any French and thats all you saw and never cared to translate, this could come in handy.

Feel free to post more, I kinda got lost and now Wakfu wont even load, and when it does, the language is French... meaning EVERY SINGLE THING is French and it wont change back to English. Might redownloadlater...

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