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Originally Posted by m1s3ri
The skill tables are pretty much the only thing that I'm fairly satisfied with as far as being not-disgustingly-ugly and sorta-kinda up-to-date (and even then, not all of them); I think Rumah might be trying to get stuff going with the stage sections but I don't think he's really making much progress in the way of format since he's new to wiki editing.
I haven't been doing anything with the stage sections just yet. I actually went over to the Eir skills and when looking at them I saw they were totally out of date. I updated them, added some descriptions etc.

While looking around though I found we didn't even have a Dacy skill page at all. I started working on that a little bit, and got Helper to help with it. So far I've finished Doll skills, and he's working on Sewing skills as I type this post out. So yea, we need to make Dacy a skill page, update the skill pages of other classes, and then maybe work on Kreig, Yuki, and Arien. After that I'll try to do the stage stuff.

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