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Thanks for the information. Just not used to multiple wikis hosted from one 'wiki'. Takes getting used to, I was almost afraid to start editing at first. The only thing I'm used to is creating the wiki from scratch, putting enough content in to draw more editors in.

I guess my only question now is does anyone care if I go nuts on the Lunia wiki? I don't mean tear it apart, obviously, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes that is currently working on it and has standards set in mind already. I know a few people were working on it a few weeks ago, but the activity in this forum subsection went dead from what I saw, and I don't know what anyone else is working on there.

(thanks for the link, adipiciu... I swear, I looked all over for one, but could not find it)

Also, an EDIT: I totally did not mean the ENTIRE wiki in first post. Just the Lunia section. Most of the wikis for other games seem to be well-rounded... Just wondering if Lunia wiki-editors have some input to share. Sorry for the confusion.

Don't worry, you don't have to walk on egg shells around here.
Phew, I've been some places where I've made one 'good' edit, or at least what I thought was beneficial, and got reamed for it. I was only worried about it because A) This place has been around for a while, and has a solid community of people who have done things a specific way, and B) Because I'm brand spanking new at it. I'll gladly spend 4-5 hours a day fixing pages on the LU Wiki, as well as other games I get into, if I have no proverbial leash from doing it.

Oh... I did check out the other games' wikis, and gleaned a few ideas from it, as well as my own wiki. I dunno. I like pages for each item for categorization purposes. Eh.

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