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I'll edit that post with sarcasm tags. :P

Anyways, right now, I'm working on the cash shop page. I thought I could do it quickly, but I'm not 'great' with templating and couldn't tinker with a way to do it faster in tables, like I have it set up. I could run you through a quick tutorial on how to set up those pages, after you go in and look at the page I have relatively 'finished', here. I might go in and change a few things, but this the basic layout I think will work for the time being.

Aside from that, the best way to start working on the wiki is clicking on the links on the front page of it and taking note of things that just look crappy, for the lack of a better word, aesthetically... or are really cluttered and lack information. If you see something like that, let me know, and I'll help you get started.