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Default Just a few things about Lunia's wiki

So, I've flicked through the wiki's pages in the past few days, taking notes on a few changes I'd like to make, and I think it could use a massive overhaul. I've already started to add content to the cash shop page, but as I did a lot of it last night, I figured I'd ask opinions about what we should do overall. Right now it seems like there are no set standards on the Lunia wiki, and wiki standards are a must for a successful wiki. I don't want to barge in on what people are already working on, step on any toes or anything, so I'm asking opinions.

1) Should items get their own pages? I ask this because the item pages now are massive, and even with the Table of Contents, it's a big hassle to have to scroll down a huuuuge page to look at one thing. I'm thinking yes, and I personally wouldn't mind working on it over the next few weeks. The pages that are there now could just be the Category pages, with 'all' of the information included there. Items are soo much easier to find when they have specific pages, mostly because when you search for them word for word, the page comes up instantly.

2) A page deletion requests page on the front page for Lunia's wiki would be a good thing, I think, so the sysops/bureaucrats (if there are bureaucrats here) will have an easier time finding useless/dead pages and getting rid of them completely, because no one likes empty pages. >.> This is especially necessary when building a wiki from the bottom up... and while there is already a mound of information on Lunia's wiki, it's still in the early stages and needs a lot of work.

3) A link to the current Templates being used would probably be a good idea, mostly so new wiki editors can know what template they need to use on a specific page. Templates make changing one little detail on each page it's used on ooohhhh so much easier. I love them almost as much as Categories.

I had more on my mind before work, but I forgot most of it at work, so I'll try to remember later. That all being said, if anyone needs any help with wiki editing, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll tutor anyone that's never used one before in using it, if it helps the wiki grow to it's full potential.

Also, if there's any specific projects people have in mind for tackling, I'm all in for it. I have a list in my head of what I want to do, already, but I'm all for teaming up on this beast.

Comments? Questions? <sarcasm>Flames?</sarcasm, or in pm, I can handle it, I'm a big boy>

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