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*Does a little dance* Yay! this one has two good bouts(though I think Kenjii just blew the competition out of the water. That would be one tough signature to top!).

Senpai VS OrangeJuice

Theme: Robots
Style: Soft / Dreamy

In the theme category they both obviously utilize robots. However, I feel OrangeJuice's utilization of robots is more original than Senpai's. As such I feel OrangeJuice has the advantage in theme.

When it comes to the chosen style Senpai is very clear with the soft and dreamy look. It certainly has the surreal down pat. Once again OrangeJuice appears to attempt to take the unique approach here. I do feel it successfully conveys a Dream-like scene, however, despite my usual preference to unique approaches I must say that Senpai has a slight advantage here. Sometimes there things to be said about sticking to the old-fashioned approach when trying to fit a particular style or theme.

While I usually don't compare text all that often, here I actually have a clear preference. Senpai is once again utilize the traditional approach. Simple, yet relevant and additive to the signature. In contrast OrangeJuice utilizes more text and uses a very plain font. The font looks much like standard computer fonts. Which if you think about it is quite fitting for a robotic themed signature(though I still think their could have been some better choices if one looks far enough). In text design I really don't think there is a clear advantage. However, when it comes to what the text reads I think OrangeJuice has the advantage. Both texts fit their signatures, but I feel OrangeJuice took it a step further, which I much like.

When it comes to artistic merit both signatures are beautiful. Truthfully, I have a hard time picking between them here. However, when I looked at them as a whole, my first pick would have been Senpai's. However, upon further inspection I found that OrangeJuice's signature is one of those that grows on you the deeper you look.

In the end after looking at both of them extensively I feel OrangeJuice has the upper-hand. Though, obviously this may be in part due to personal preferences.



k0n VS 'Anynoymous'
Theme: Nature
Style: Beauty

When it comes to comparing the Theme here it gets a bit tricky for me. Nature isn't exactly hard to portray. However, in this case I will give the advantage to k0n. Nature is by its very nature(wow, that just sounds weird) quite diverse. k0n's signature does a better job of displaying this diversity in my opinion.

Beauty is another exceptionally subjective term. In this case I don't really think either truly outdoes the other. But then again I have been told I am not good at 'discerning' beauty.

When it comes to font integration I feel k0n once again has the advantage. The font just flows better with the signature in my opinion. Since neither text is particularly special in reading to me I don't think either have an advantage in that area.

Once again I don't think either have an advantage on artistic value. And like OrangeJuice I think k0n's signature is one of those that becomes 'clearer' the more closely you look at it.


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