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Hiyos~ I'm Bubble...or Bubbly, or Bubs, or Bobbatea....or Bubba, but I don't really like that one...or Ying. '06 SOSee, I guess? I don't really remember. Was one of the first people to join the ingame eTO guild. OwO

I'm not really a forum person anymore. I just pop by every month or so to see what people are up to and to accept buddy requests.

I'm 19 (20 in March, whoo) and a college student who is HOPEFULLY majoring in CIT (computer information technology x_X ). Despite all the responsibilities I have from school n such, I love to slack off, procrastinate, and chat on English Seal Online and MSN. OwO;;

Also, I liek brownies n banana pies. Surrender them to meeeeeee.

Shade lols. What took you so long?
Also, Hai
"My heart, my soul, my one and only goal."
Places I've been.
Where am I now?

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