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Default Common Technical Issues and Possible Fixes


The thread will be under construction. I'm making a little project of collected common technical issues and the solutions I have seen through the forums. There will be numerous blank posts for now, for I will make direct links and multiple sections, so please don't report. If you don't understand, then be patient until I'm done. This may take me a few days until I get things straightened out. If you have any technical issues that was listed here, send me a PM and I'll reply when I'm free.

I am CujoEX, a normal gamer like the rest of you. I am not employed by Grand Chase or Ntreev by any way. I made this thread as a contribution to Grand Chase, KoG, and Ntreev as a thanks for the free MMO game. The solutions have been gathered through tests that I've seen. I do not work with any tech company, so the answers may not be professional, though the solutions seem to solve most of the player's problems.

System Specification Requirements
Before we start with the Technical Issues, be sure that your computer meets the requirements.

Through experience, I suggest you meet with the recommended requirements. Minimal requirements tend to cause problems with the game.

Attention : Windows Vista Users!
Before reading any of the possible fixes, make sure you have read the Windows Vista Check List. If the problem persists, continue reading in the index for your possible fix.

Click on any of the following errors to find possible solutions to your problem. Please keep in mind that you read everything carefully in order for the fixes to work.

Grand Chase File Errors
  • main.exe

nProtect: GameGuard FAQ

* Graphic Driver
* DirectX

Lag Issues

* Tips to decrease latency (Courtesy of Miyuki from

Graphic/Visual Errors

* This game does not support your Graphic 3D g

Other Common Issues

* Frozen Start Button
* PvP and Dungeon Tag Mixup
* Access Restricted: Region Blocked
* Graphical Glitches
* Ottoshot (BTW, this is not a Technical Issue, but I will note that it's allowed in game)

Other Notes

* 1:1 Support
* About Ntreev USA

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