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Default Fox guide

Hey all^^. I posted this in trickster's type forums but it was dead. This time the guide’s for a friend lol. Do take I did not do any reference to other guides. This is solely for my friend but I decided to post it here to let others comment and mostly flame =.=. Ok I still have to admit that Im not really a gd fox user. This guide is opinionated as it is not supposed to be followed strictly. Pictures will be added if I can get my new laptop next wk >.<. Anyway suggestions are welcomed as usual =3. I have done whatever I can to tweak this guide so no one can follow it strictly. The mentioned builds are not the only ones. Be creative, I know some foxes went 1243 for that extra MP and stuff and it was fun for them. So enjoy reading the guide and try not to flame =3, unless my guide is really that bad.

Original link: Trickster Online Revolution - Fox guide

Possible Fox builds:

1144 Pure DA fox
High skill damage for throwing skills/power strike
High survivability
Insane detect ability cause of 90 DA which cause 100% detect at lower lvls
Very good for compounding at Paul/Nadia

Cant carry as much WT foxes
Less crit/block chances than LK foxes
Less physical damage than 4141 foxes thus harder to train till stone strike
MP DRAINER >< high mp cost of skills + buff
Supposedly not as good as LK foxes in Mature compounding(not really true: look at comp mastery later)
Requires money/WT for throwing items << applies to throwing foxes (DA,LK,WT)

4141 Pure DA fox
High skill damage for throwing skills/power strike
Insane drilling detection =3
Very good for Compounding at paul/nadia
Good to start with
Level fast cause of high AP

Low Survivability
Less crit/block chances than LK foxes
MP DRAINER still….
Not as good as LK foxes for mature
Still needs money/WT for throwing items

1144 Pure LK fox
Nice crit/block rates
High Survivabilty
Gd at mature comp

2nd Hardest to start with, cannot rely on SS, Shuri or melee fully
Not so good at detecting items at lower lvls
Not as gd as DA foxes at Paul/Nadia
Still requires money/wt for throwing items

4141 Pure LK Fox
Nice crit/block rates
Good base attacks so can lvl fast
Fully utilizes crit rate and double crit hits
Gd at mature comp
Will spend less money as you rely more on base attacks

Cant survive long
Not so gd at detecting items at lower lvls as usual
Not as gd as DA foxes at Paul/Nadia
Still will spend money/wt on throwing items

1144 Pure WT Fox
High survivability
Can carry more items
Get AOE faster than the other 2 Pures

Hardest to start with, cannot rely on crits or skills or base
Not as gd as LK foxes at mature
Not as gd as DA foxes at Paul/Nadia
Not as gd as DA foxes for detecting items

4141 Pure WT Fox
Still Ok to start with coz of 4 in power
Can carry more items =3
Get AOE faster than other 2 pures

Not gd at surviving =.=”
Not as gd as LK foxes at mature
Not as gd as DA foxes at Paul/Nadia
Not as gd as DA foxes for detecting items

1st Job Skills:

Stone Shower(1): Starting sense type skill gotten from Sephira if you DID do the tutorial. No tm required. Low damage. Replace it as main skill ASAP.

Invincible drilling(1): Prevents the canceling of drilling when attacked. Very useful in places with agro mobs. It is highly recommended to get as you will be drilling most of the time. Besides, it cost only 1 TM. Bad thing about it is that if you are drilling at higher lvl places or if theres a mob around you, you cant cancel drilling in time and run so you might risk dying.

Sixth sense(1): Increases DA for a period of time. Very good for DA foxes since they get 1.45x DA at mastery. It is still a MUST to get as DA is responsible for most of the foxes’ skills. High MP cost (300) and short duration(120s). Although some at this point will say 2mins is a lot of time, however, with an MP cost of 300 sometimes you will feel its not worth it. Truthfully anything that lasts less than 5mins aint worth it to mi LOL =x but in tricky, most self buff skills lasts arnd 120s while party buff skills last longer at abt 160s(Aura of Luck).

Stone strike(1): First melee attack with low hit rate =.=” Good skill damage, better than Shuri master at the start. Requires lower tm. Misses a lot (o.0 at least that’s what my friend with a DA fox told me. I had no probs with this as a LK fox) Good to use while waiting for shuri master to cool down if monster near.

Heavy carrier(10): Gives extra 3360WT when mastered. Passive skill. Not necessary, unless you getting pouch of pain as it is a prerequisite. Extra weight helps with pots and throwing items.

Shuriken master(15): First ranged attack. Good accuracy. Higher your base lvl, better throwing items you can use, thus more damage. Dependent on DA and throwing item’s AP. Less MP than stone strike. However, less damage than stone strike and requires throwing item which is money and wt… T.T Suggestion to trickster: decrease the weight of throwing items and bullets =.=”

Invincible reload: Not needed for non-gunner fox.

Sticky foot(20): Decreases the evasion of target. Good in pvb/p and maybe gvg. Not really good for pvm cause you will be casting a lot of times. Ranged. 52MP consumption at mastery. Don’t take it at early levels cause you aint gonna pvp/b or gvg, with exception of tut, but you shld be able to kill tut by 90 o.0 so not really much point getting it.

Gun booster: Not needed for non-gunner fox.

Basic detection(35): Detects items underground. Items appear as red spots. Disappear fast. Considerably low mp consumption. Only detectable to 110m which aint really that deep. NOT DEPENDENT ON DA. WILL NOT FAIL, unless the depth is too much or no item. Increase area of detection as skil lvl increases, up to 7x7 at mastery. Do not get it unless you want to rely on mass drilling. Its only good for those with less than 90DA. If you wanna get it, make it to only lvl 1. It should be sufficient for low lvl places.

Armor Destructor(40, SS at 10): Melee skill that decreases target’s defence by %. Needed for L7. Good for pvp/b and maybe gvg. Don’t get it till higher levels.

Quick reload: Not needed for non-gunner fox.

Lucky Seven(50, AD at 1): Increase LK by % up to 45% at mastery. Needed to increase crit/blk rate, mature comp(possibly) and landmine’s attack. 300MP consumption and 120s duration. Cons are same as sixth sense’s.

Compound mastery(70): Increase mature comp’s accuracy. Eg. 0~100 AP comp, at mastery you get 65% base which give abt 65 ap at least. This makes your compounding very stable and LK effect will be added on, thus giving a good comp. Highly recommended to get cause it can increase the comps to eqs, which may change the tide of battle lol. A little thing goes a long way. Gd for all foxes esp non-lk fox so they can be on par wid lk foxes. Don’t get if not enough points. Plan carefully before deciding on whether you want it or not.

2nd Job Skills

Precise Pitch(41, Shuri 10): Increase damage of throwing skills like FoK and Shuri. Same pros and cons as L7 and Sixth Sense. It’s a must get skill for throwing foxes. Another good thing about this skill is that it increase only the AP of the throwing item, NOT THE DA. So LK foxes will be on par with this.

Item Detector(55, invi drill, Sixth sense at 10): Improved version of BD. Does not require BD. May fail. Fixed area of detection, 3x3 unlike BD 7x7. Dependent on DA. Only get it if needed, not recommended cause 90DA is still better, but it prevents you from drilling blindly and keep getting: “There is no item here.” =.=” Which is seriously annoying…

Aura of Luck(70, L7 at 7): Increase LK of party members near you including yourself. Stacks with L7 and 1st anni skill. Higher MP consumption than L7 and increases LK less than L7. However, lasts 40s longer than L7 which is 160s. Gd skill to get since all the skills are stackable =.=” Further increase landmine’s damage and crit/blk rate.

Chain of Knives(80, PP at 5): Improved version of shuriken master. Same cast time as Shuri. Higher damage. 360MP PER CAST =.=” That’s like… even more than mana arrow o.0 Uses more shurikens, which means you spend more money. 3s Cooldown, still possible to make a combo with Shuri. Hits only onces although uses 4 throwing items at max. IMO, good for pvp/b and gvg due to high single target damage. I really don’t want to say anything about this skills to players. If you want it get it. If you don’t think its worth the MP and money den don’t. Suggestion to Trickster: Make this a passive skill like arrow rush. It will be better.

Gas mask(85): Increases party members’ and your own skunk pouch resist. A pvp/b and gvg skill. Get it at higher levels as usual, unless you really want to pvp at low levels. Good only against cats and hybrid raccoons.

Landmine(90): Plants a mine in the ground. “Ranged” in a sort of way. Good damage. Uses both LK and DA. Lol LK foxes you will be better at landmine cause of double buff. However, target must step exactly on the mine for it to blow. The range for it to blow is quite small from what I’ve seen in pvp.

Sticky Icky(105, Stick foot and AD at 10): Decreases DP, HV and LK of nearby targets. Good skill whether for pvp gvg pvm or whatever. 210 MP consumption is considerably low for this sort of skill at least for me. Last for 20s at mastery, which is enough for you foxes to kill them. Decreases the 3 stats by 34% at mastery. Should get if you have spare points.

Lightning Rod(110): Adds Elec resist to nearby pt members and urself. Erm.. Right… Apart from fighting elec sheeps and elec monsters and ppl with elec attri eqs, why do we need this? This will help if fighting the above mentioned cause it gives a 56% elec resist at mastery. Shard of glacier with elec combo will be less effective against you. Although it only last 100s, it decreases a lot of damage. Get it if needed or have spare points.

Pouch of Pain(115, Heavy Carrier at 10): First AOE skill =3. Good for WT foxes. Other foxes can use it but just save your TM for FoK and 3rd job. Dependent on the WT of items you carry. If you are at 99% WT you do more damage than at 80%. Higher mp cost than even Chain of Knives, but still this is AOE, they usually cost more. I said USUALLY… Not spammable, might risk getting mobs coming after you.

Fan of Knives(130, Precise Pitch Mastered): AOE skill for throwing foxes. Lower MP cost than Chain of Knives but lesser damage due to it being AOE. However, totally damage will obviously be more if added up. Can hit up to 7 targets at mastery o.0. 2s cooldown, making it spammable. Not for pvp, unlike Chain of Knives. Erratic AOE like Siren song. Almost a MUST to get it, good for leveling =3. Note to cats: Siren song is kind of a chain AOE, I will write another guide on it as I came up with a way to fully utilize siren song’s no. of target and there will be something surprising lol =x.

3rd Job Skills:
I will go more into this when I try all of them out =.=” And also when more are released. Meanwhile, skills worth getting IMO are explosive expert, hide and sudden attack for DA/LK foxes. Poison pouch for all foxes but you will be wasting a lot of TM if you didn’t get pouch of pain so recommended for wt foxes. Strong mind is good for pvp or gvg as it renders cat’s Entrancing wink which prevents usage of skill a tiny bit useless as it gives resistance to it.

Ok I am not going to go into skill build. This is cause the above explanation of the skills are sufficient enough to let you choose and decide. Guides are not meant to be followed strictly, so which is why I try not to include the skill build section before some noob follows it and criticizes others for using a different build that is not stated here. However, I will roughly tell what is needed for what kind of fox. This is only for IMPORTANT SKILLS.

Attack fox(DA/LK)- Stone strike, Sixth Sense, Shuri master, L7, PP, AoL, Landmine,

Attack fox(WT)- Heavy carrier, Pouch of Pain, Poison pouch. (Look under tips later)

Comp fox (WT/DA/LK)- L7, AoL, Comp Mastery (Look under tips later)

Training places:
I wun go in depth for starting places coz the quests are good enough to level you.

1~10+ Coral Beach
10+~20+ Desert Beach
20+~40 Desert beach/SE/SW forests
40+~50/60 Path to oops
50/60~70 Path to blackswamp/snowhill
70~100 Path to snow
100~130+ Path to snow/ Tech 1/ Snow field 3
130+~150 Tech1/4/ SF3/ Path to snow Tap 1

After 150 you should roughly know where to train. Do take note this is only a rough training guide. The reason why there’s the + sign is cause it is dependent on your survivability or whether you want to train there or not. For eg. Some foxes go to path to snow at 50+ as they are able to survive there and level. There is no limit on where you can train, its just whether you want to train there or not. Decide for yourself on this, this guide is not a strictly you must follow kind of thing, its to give you my experience and my views as a fox.

At lower levels, to avoid using too much money on throwing items/ pots, using ap eqs or attributed eqs like Pharoah sword and shield. This fully utilizes the fox’s ability to do 2 hit crits. It allows you to train faster and you don’t need to change the eqs till high lvls.
For those going WT foxes, try to learn some attack skills as you will have loads of TM to use in higher levels. You can consider doing an attack/comp fox or a pure attack fox with DA/LK skills such as landmine and Shuri Master/
For those going comp foxes, choose attack skills that suit you best. If you insist on using base ap as your main attack, then take the detections as they will be useful. Your eqs should be haxed enough for your attack skills to be haxed =3.
Attack foxes should also allow a mixture of comp skills and attack skills. This will make you balance due to your compounding ability stacking onto your attack power due to eqs. If you find youself lack of TM, den just go with pure attack.
For training, always go in a party. This gives you more tm and base exp per kill. Besides its more fun.
Be creative with your skills, don’t follow anything strictly. A guide is meant to GUIDE you, not control you. Its good to be different sometimes as being different could be to your advantage. Don’t create a chain of homologous characters lol. What’s the point of a game if you can’t have fun the way you wan?


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