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Holy crap. The Bob Vs Kenji is so awesome... I mean damn. I can't even describe Bob's sig, it leaves me speechless... it is hard to put into words to elaborate. I can see how she manipulated the photo, but damn, she manipulated it so much it just vanished :x


On a serious note, I prefer Senpai's for the dream/soft feel, whereas I don't see that aspect in OJ's sig... perhaps the bubbles look soft, but I think that's not a real dream "hue/feel" to it.

In waffles and Anynoymous Anynoymous looks artificial than nature itself, seems to be more of a biodome to me than nature, while waffle's demonstrates a lovely scenic view of the nightsky with some pretty good shades. The color blends looks good for both sides except in two spots on both sigs...
I choose k0n's

Btw, I hope you remember next contest, Bob ^o^

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