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I asked because there wasn't really any information about it here - only some links to it, which I found one on affiliates page and today at the bottom of this site. I the whole time knew you own Gavist Media LLC, and in turn it owns both MMOG and MMOGCon. What made ask was when I read about our new donation's policy and their future spending (specifically on projects and the no longer updating our donations/expenses thread) - which led me to think like there's something being hidden from us - something that -might be- off the scope of MMOG. Since there's much information about the projects either up to what I know, I've felt the need to ask for it - to the best of my knowledge the biggest project I know here is MMOGCon - discussed here

edit: on a side notice - us, the public (our members) also needed to know about this a little at least - otherwise it would become shocking like now lol

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