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@ Momiji: Well, yes, I know I didn't have to really put that part about stats in the guide, but it's there for first-timers to gaming. I mean, I've met 4 year-olds on this game and man @_@" And about Earth/Winds, I've seen a few more of them around, recently. I saw a new Earth/Wind Sheep (she had the gold sleeping mask on) and I was tempted to ask her if she was inspired by my guide on mytrickster XD

Edit: I see what you mean about the table of contents after 2 months of not updating it. Will fix it shortly.

@Juno: Thanks for that little tip, forgot to put it in. In fact, most of this guide was done in one sitting, so I have to go back and proofread it.

Anyone with info about the DoTs? And yes, I will eventually post new information about the 2nd job skills that just came out, but I need to play around with it a little to develop a conclusion.

Thanks to all. ^^

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