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Very nice guide, covers just about everything and then some and with a sense of humor to boot.

Terra-Storm is another basic combo that Earth-Winds use. First, you cast Cleaving Terra on your mobs with its uber range. Then, you cast Mana Storm between yourself and the monsters. This strategy is about predicting where your monsters will move based on their speed. In this way, you can hit them with both of your AoEs with little-to-no misses.
It should be noted that Terra, Earthquake and Mana Storm all prevent monsters from moving for a split second. In the case of Mana Storm, it's more like a full second. Thanks to Terra's relatively short cooldown and Storm's relatively short cast, a Terra-Storm-Terra combo is possible with minimal movement or none if you start at near max range. Very useful for training at yeti's since you can mob them up without being whacked too often. On a related note, those three spells will cancel a bunnies flashcut/dash/meteor strike if they get hit while moving.

The 1441 build is indeed squishy, but I found that foregoing invincible casting helped out with that a lot. Using Terra+Storm and Mana Ring I found that getting hit and being able to cure immediately was far more helpful than being forced to finish my cast. It has it's downsides as well, and I did get invince cast around third job, but for starters it was most appreciated.