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Default A Newbie's Guide to Magic: Earth/Wind

The Earth-Wind Sheep

Disclaimer: I do not own the Sheep, Trickster Online, or Only and is allowed to use my guide unless otherwise specified. and do not own this particular document, I do. Please break copyright infringement, I’m a poor, high school student in need of MyHaxx, so I want to sue. All Dragon-bashing is purely light-hearted joking (you should see me when I get mean). I just prefer Sheep to Dragons. As a final note, please mentally switch all “freakin’”s, “a**”, or any other somewhat censored word for further enjoyment.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Foundation: Stats and Categories
A. Power
B. Magic
C. Sense
D. Charm
E. Stat Builds
3. The Board: Bonus Point Allocation
A. Pure MA
B. Pure LK
C. Pure AC
D. Hybrids
4. The Cubicle Workers: 1st Job Skill Point Allocation
5. The C.E.O.: 2nd Job Skills
6. Why Not’s
7. The Extra-Special Raise That You Really, Really Want: 3rd Job
8. 3rd Jobbing: Working for that Extra Special Raise
9. The Number Crunching: Show That Wimpy Dragon Who’s Prettier
10. Face Off: The Comparison (2nd Job)
11. The Number Crunching Part II: 3rd Job Awesomeness
12. Leveling: How It’s Done the Normal Way
13. Your Awesome Threads, Man.
14. P.R. Stands for PUBLIC RELATIONS
15. Closing Remarks


The Earth-Wind Sheep, in a nutshell, is a decently powerful, fast, accurate, AoE specialist. With Wind’s speed, Earth’s accuracy (and range), you’re pretty much set with gear, the main focus being MA. The Earth-Wind Sheep excels in PvM/E and general leveling, but don’t completely rule them out PvP. You can still help your guild out with your massive AoEs in a GvG setting. Your strength lies in your ability to think smart and, above all, string series of spells together. I hope you have an index finger without carpal tunnel ready.

The Foundation: Stats and Categories

Any MMO character can be compared to that of a building. Therefore, you first need your foundation, which, in the case of TO, is your natural stat build. The four major categories are Power, Magic, Sense, and Charm, with a maximum of 10 points spread across. The lowest possible number in any category is 1, while the highest is 4. Builds are generally read with 4 digits, indicating the amount of Power/Magic/Sense/Charm you have, in that order.

Each category has 3 individual stats within it that will naturally increase when you level up, based on your build. You can further increase specific stats by placing bonus points in them. You receive 4 bonus points every base level.


This stat category is mostly for melee/physical fighters, as it has Attack Power, Accuracy, and Dexterity as its 3 stats.

AP increases damage done with any melee attack and melee skill.

AC is for your chance to hit with melee attacks, gun damage, and also increases magic critical hit chance.

DX increases your attack-rate or frequency of normal melee attacks. The lower the better, the lowest base (the left number and the one affected by growth points) possible is –45, though at a certain point, the difference is hardly noticeable.


Our primary category as a Sheep, obviously. This includes Magic Points, Magic Defense, and Magic Attack.

MP allows you to cast spells and use skills. It’s used up when you use a skill/spell and if you don’t have enough points left, you might not be able to use another skill/spell. Generally, the more you have the better.

MD reduces damage taken by magical spells. You’ll know when you get hit by one when the enemy pauses for a second, shoots you with some ranged projectile, gets a blue magic circle (triangle) under it, or the thing it hits you with is generally flashy and/or super-awesome. Also, please note that the formula for damage is a standard “Unreduced Damage – Defense Type Stat = Damage Taken.”

MA is where a Magic-Type character gets most of its damage from. It increases the damage of magic-type spells only. Once again, the more the better.


This may or may not be one of your secondary stats, depending on what you decide to do. The stats include Weight, Luck, and Detect Ability.

WT is a very convenient stat to have. All items have a weight of their own, so more WT means you can carry more items. Beware, after your items exceed 90% of your WT stat, you can no longer “run” (even though it looks like you’re walking all the time) and you are forced to walk (shuffle), which looks to be about 25-50% of your run speed.

LK is an important stat to us Magic-Types, though not as important as MA. LK increases your accuracy with spells, increases the chance of scoring a critical hit with melee attacks, and also increases the accuracy of guns. It also increases the chance of blocking an attack, nullifying all damage. Not only that, it increases the chance of scoring a better bonus when you are mature compounding or adding extra stats to slotted equipment through the use of items.

DA is also a nice stat to have, but not at all important to a Sheep. It increases the chance of succeeding on normal compounding, such as creating potions using the Compounder NPCs (like Paul, how I love Paul).


Like Sense, this may be your secondary stat-category. Charm has Health Points, Defense Points, and Hit Evasion.

HP allows your character to stay alive. When you take damage, you lose HP, and when you’re HP hits 0, you are dead and sent straight back to the last town or gate you’ve visited. Some Use items may ask to resurrect you upon death.

DP reduces damage taken from physical attacks, except for guns. DP follows the same basic principle as MD, where damage taken is reduced directly by the defense stat.

HV allows your character to dodge physical attacks and therefore taking no damage. It also reduces damage taken from guns, though not in the same way DP and MD work. (Anyone with the formula care to share?) A decent stat and, one more time, the more the better.

The Foundation: Stat Builds

Now that we all know what the different categories and their stats are, let’s move to the groundwork. The following builds are read in this order, with this point allocation: Power/Magic/Sense/Charm

A very good, powerful, stable build to go with, especially for newer players. You will always have a 4 in Magic, no matter what, so that’s good. The 4 in Charm gives you a butt-load of HP and DP. The HV is also very nice to have. Remember, you are an AoE specialist, so be prepared to take a few hits.

The Problems: You’ll have a low weight capacity, so that means less room for pots and random loot. You will also have lower LK and DA, which are nice things to have for compounding.

As a Note: You don’t need amazing amounts of LK for Earth-Wind, the two being fairly accurate, with Earth being the most accurate element. Even Fire, the least accurate, can survive off of a 1 in Sense because of the major role of equipment.

A more newbie friendly build, allowing you to carry a good amount of stuff around and you’ll hit more often, though I doubt you will see many misses at all. You’re slightly more squishy, but you can definitely survive. You’ll also have better comping capabilities.

The Problems: You have a lower amount of HP, DP, and HV, which all affect your rate of survival.

Similar to the 1423 build, but this time you have more WT and LK. This build is passable, though you probably won’t be getting Whirlwind (see in Spells section).

The Problems: You went overboard with this LK thing. You’ll have LK in excess and it’ll generally be a waste. You’ll have half the natural HP of a 1414 and you’ll take more damage. However, it is possible to use this build and still do things efficiently.

This build has a lot of WT and LK, so you can carry a crap load of stuff, never miss, and comp nicely. You can also afford to get spells that require a lot of LK to deal decent damage, like Arrow Rush.

The Problem: You have so little HP it’s laughable. You’ll have a harder time of things in the beginning. Also, remember that your focus is AoEing, so you might die quite often.

4411, 3412, 2413, and 2431
These are experimental builds, though the main focus of your build will be getting crits on every spell. However, if you’re bored, make a melee Magic-Type and kill some time. :P

The Problems: The downside is that you also pick up useless stats for a Magic-Type: AP and DX. You also have comparatively lower HP.

Suggested: Take the 1414 build. 4-charm builds do very well because they live for a long time and can take a beating from 4-5 guys at one time (with a little potting). WT shouldn’t really be an obstacle, it’s just a convenience, and you don’t need much LK to level where you’re supposed to, anyway. The "Hybridized" builds aren't very nice to you either, in that once you get your level up there, you'll swear you wish you had an extreme build (having 1s in two stats and having 4s in the other two).

The Board: Bonus Point Allocation

Next up is the board of Sheep Inc., the guys who make the real decisions. After choosing a build, you now have to pick a stat or two to add your bonus points to during each level. Some will go up with every point put in, others won’t.

Pure MA
This is the ultimate standard. MA gives you magic-damage and you’re a Magic-Type, so hey, you always want more bang for your buck.

Pure LK
You will block very often and your spells will most likely never miss. The only thing that may be a problem is that your spells may not pack enough of a punch.

Pure AC
You’ll crit very often, but like Pure LK, you won’t have much damage output.

Hybrid Builds
Not to be mistaken with Hybrid Class or “going Hybrid.” A Hybrid Class is when, at 3rd job, you decide to pick the job that allows you to use the 2nd job skills of your male/female counterpart. The Hybrid Build is just a mix of, usually, 2 stats. Anymore usually thins things out too much. A popular mix is 2/2 : MA/LK as well as 3/1 : MA/LK.

Suggested: Pure MA is what most people go for and it can never hurt you.

The Cubicle Workers: Skill Point Allocation for the 1st Job

Every office building has peons and grunts doing all the little things to help it move efficiently. The same thing goes for your Trickster Online character, which would be your skills/spells. For most Magic-Types, the standard 1st job build is:

Magical Soul – Obtained
Mana Arrow – Level 1
Invincible Casting – Obtained
Main Attack Spell – Level 10/Mastered
Cure – Level 10
Bottle of Mana – 1
Mist of Mana – Mastered

All of that is set in stone; you’ll need all that for basic leveling and fighting. However, some people feel that they can live without Invincible Casting, which allows you to continue cast spells even when you get hit.

The variations to the build are the three attack skills of the Magic-Type Class: Mana Arrow/Arrow Rush, Mana Ring/Reinforced, Mana Storm.

Mana Arrow is the basic, single-target attack spell. Its cast time is decent, so is it’s cooldown, and the damage is mediocre. However, at TM Level 50, you gain access to the Arrow Rush add-on skill. This is a passive ability, which means it’s always on. It splits your Mana Arrow into 7 arrows at max, making it extremely powerful. However, you tend to need high LK to hit with all 7 arrows all the time.

The cast time goes up from 0.5 every level you have in it. It gains 0.1 seconds to its cast time each level.

Mana Ring is a very, very fast spell with mediocre damage and a splash-damage effect. It has a 0.3 second cast time, making it the fastest spell in the game. It also has an incredibly short cooldown, so you can cast it again without much of a wait. Splash damage, basically, is that your spell will invisibly “explode” when it hits the target, dealing damage to nearby enemies. The further away from the main target, the less damage it deals. Mana Ring’s radius is very small. Reinforced Mana Ring is accessible at TM Level 50, though it doesn’t add much damage to Mana Ring. Most people save RMR for later, when they get all their essentials.

Note: MR is very inaccurate at lower skill levels, so it might be best to get it to 10 in one go. Also, at higher levels, Ring starts to become lack-luster. It’s damage becomes comparatively lower than any other spell in your arsenal. This becomes very obvious during the 3rd Job Trial quest (see 3rd Job Quest section).

Mana Storm is your first AoE spell. It has a slower cast time, 1 second, and does okay damage, a little less than MR. Storm also has a relatively long cooldown and higher MP cost, so it may not be best to pick this one, first.

What I recommend for Earth-Wind? Go with Mana Ring. It allows for easier leveling in the beginning and besides, you’ll need it eventually. You can pick up Storm later, for when you need it. See Strategies for a real reason.

The C.E.O.: 2nd Job Skills

Now it’s time for your biggest star to come in, the boss. Your 2nd job skills play a major role in how you level, the 1st’s giving you just a feel for the game. The general layout will be like this:

Seal of Wind & Seal of Earth – Obtained
Wind Blade/Cleaving Terra – Mastered
Wind Blade/Cleaving Terra/Tornado Blast/Deadly Fen – Mastered
Mana Storm/Ring (whichever one you didn’t get) – Level 10/Mastered
Whirlwind/Summon Boulder – Level 10/Mastered OPTIONAL
Razor Gale/Tornado Blast – Mastered

This should be the end of your 2nd job career. Any leftover points should be saved for your 3rd job skills. If you want to kill bosses, then after getting Razor Gale, pick up Rust.

Now for the reasons why you should get what you’re getting. You get the two seals first because A) they’re free and B) you’ll need them to get your Wind and Earth spells.

Wind Blade and Cleaving Terra are next and both are AoE’s. It doesn’t really matter which one you get first, but just know that Wind Blade is a 0.5 second cast, 5-target, personal (around yourself) AoE while Cleaving Terra is a very long ranged, 1.5 second cast, 7-target ground (you get a ring and click on the ground, whatever is in the ring gets hit) AoE. You’ll eventually get both, anyway. See Strategies for leveling tips.

Now, I gave you a choice on what 2nd job spell you wanted to learn first, Wind Blade or Cleaving Terra. If you chose Wind Blade first (like most people), you don’t need to pick Cleaving Terra next. You can decided between Deadly Fen or Tornado Blast. Deadly Fen deals roughly the same amount of damage as Cleaving Terra, while Tornado Blast is extremely powerful. Deadly Fen, however, costs more MP than CT, but slows targets within the mud pools. Tornado Blast is a ground-targeted AoE. It is one of the few damage spells in the game that is instant cast. However, it has its own activation time, meaning once cast, it settles on the floor for a bit and, after waiting for x seconds, it’ll explode and deal a lot of damage. At level 1, the activation time is around 7 seconds, while at Mastered, it’s said to be at 1 second. The choice is yours between what you get second, but the standard build will forever be Wind Blade -> Cleaving Terra.

After that, you get Mana Storm and/or Ring because Ring is required for Summon Boulder and Razor Gale, while Storm is required for Whirlwind. Summon Boulder is a single-target, 2.5 second, splash spell. It is, however, very weak, weaker than most skills, and so it is very skip-able. Razor Gale is yet another Wind spell, but it’s the only single-target, ranged Wind spell you’ll get. Ever. Its damage is comparatively high and it’s extremely fast; you’ll definitely want this. Whirlwind is a powerful, personal-stationary AoE. After its 2.5 cast time, you sit there for X seconds (determined by level) and deal damage every 2 seconds to things within your 4 tornadoes. You can do anything but move when you’re using Whirlwind, so low Charm builds can skip this. Even though you may not want Summon Boulder, you should still get MR, since it combos so well with Wind Blade. See Strategies again.

Finally, you take Razor Gale. This is Wind’s only single-target spell and is pretty damn powerful. It’s also pretty fast and, well, pretty. You can wait out Razor Gale if you want to get your 3rd job skills first, though. Also, if you can’t decide between Razor Gale and Tornado Blast when they’re available, here’s a tip to help you decide:

Cirana, my Earth/Wind Soul Master, has 569 MA buffed with 86 AC. Her Razor Gale at level 10 did something like 13k on a Popo (Hey, I was lazy, I didn’t want to move far). Tornado Blast did 16k on a Popo at level 1. The drawback to Tornado Blast is its activation time, which can be killer, sometimes.

Why Not’s:

Mana Arrow and/or Arrow Rush would just be a complete waste of TM points. Neither are needed for any of your skills and, if you’re 1414, you’ll need to make sure your LK is pretty decent for all the arrows to hit. These just force you to damage your equipment set and neglect your elemental abilities, both of which are not geared for supreme single-target damage. You can pick AR up later, after you get your other, more important skills. Ring will noticeably deal far less damage by the time you 3rd job, so feel free to pick AR up around then.

Mana Web is not needed. It may be convenient, but it’s not essential. What it does is that it increases the DX of your target, making it attack slower. You can pick it up after getting all your skills.

Aura of Mana
sounds good, but it’s only okay. You don’t regenerate MP during combat and combat lasts as long as the little green Triangle is on top of your monster or you’re being attacked. It’s good for support, but otherwise…

Bolster Ballad is another iffy one. It reduces your MP costs by a little bit (10%ish), though it affects team mates. Just remember that Bolster Ballad will only help your friends when you’re not moving. Otherwise, the ring shrinks and only affects you. It might be better to get later on, at the end, even if it is pretty.

Rust is a PvP/GvG/Boss skill. It severely reduces AP, but against normal monsters, it’s much faster to just obliterate them. If you’re bossing for your levels, go for it.

Summon Boulder, as mentioned before, is a very useless skill. It’s nice for the single-target and variety, but it’s very, very weak. It’s god-awful slow and the cooldown ain’t too pretty, either. For damage simulations, see the Number Crunching section.

Botulism Cloud is glitched, right now. It’s supposed to increase DX, like Mana Web, and it does…kind of. Its effect is small, not-very-obvious, and to top it all off, it increases Gun Defense by 50%. Now, is that useless (currently) or what?

Bottle of Mana should wait like the rest of these skills. It increases your MP by roughly 1k permanently. One thousand MP is nothing. The strongest MP pot in the game heals for more. You might as well hit your F-key and chug another pot ‘cuz this just isn’t worth it.

Mana Shield generally isn’t necessary, either, unless you want to PvP or GvG. Most monsters now cast spells, yes, but they’re not particularly strong, so your natural MD will take care of it. Get it if you’re going Witch or want the new Blessing spells on a Soul Master.

Elemental Shields are so utterly useless. They grant you protection against your own elements. Chances are, you’ll hardly ever see your own element used against you, lest you PvP, and even then, it’s not so good. Get them if you want the new Blessing spells on a Soul Master (but only to level 5!).

That Extra-Special Raise That You Really, Really Want: 3rd Job

After grinding your way through the levels, you can finally advance to your 3rd job at a Base Level of 130+ and a TM Level of 120+. There are still many things pending for 3rd job, right now, and the question is to go Soul Master or Witch, Pure or Hybrid.

The Soul Master gets 2 new damage-spells at 3rd job for each element, Earthquake and Raging Storm for Earth-Wind. They are, essentially, upgraded versions of Cleaving Terra and Wind Blade. Hell, they look almost EXACTLY THE FREAKING SAME, just that they’ve been blown up a bit to look more…I don’t know, stupid. They aren’t even cleaned up to look nice. It’s like taking an image off of google, throwing it in Word, and increasing the size of the image. You get to see all the little, icky pixels. The only good parts are that they are stronger than WB/CT, combo well with their previous counterparts, and Earthquake lets you see the ultra-shiney yellow-glow of Cleaving Terra up close. For Raging Storm, it looks like a blown up Wind Blade plus a Mana Storm in the center. It’s not particularly amazing, but it’s not terrible, though the range of Raging Storm is actually shorter than Wind Blade. As a Soul Master, you also get 2 new skills, Sylph’s and Gnome’s Blessing. The Blessings deal damage based on AC and LK, so magic crit and accuracy, and they’re not entirely bad, as I thought before. With an average amount of LK and MA, you can deal, say, 1-2k at 135ish (not including MD). These are buffs that deal damage when you’re attacked and will always proc whether or not the enemy misses or hits. You also get access to the new elemental field-effects. It reduces all enemies’ resistances to element X by X% when they’re in it. Do remember that it works like the Seals: Your elemental field may not reduce the elemental resistance that you want (i.e. Undine’s Garden reduces lightning resistance, making it completely worthless for Wind/Water SMs).

The Witch, however, is your Hybrid Class. You gain access to all the 2nd job Dragon skills, such as Dark Lance and Radiant Strike. Like the Sheep, the Dragon can pick its elements, though only 1 of 2, instead of 2 of 5. You pick between Light and Dark. Dark balances you out, giving you good single-target spells. Light specializes you further, giving you more AoE power. It also gives you more survivability and team-support.

This question will always be raised, Soul Master vs. Witch. Presently, the Earth-Wind Witch is much stronger than the Earth-Wind Soul Master. Just know that not all the 3rd job skills are out yet, so you might be losing out on awesome skills that might be given to SMs.

3rd Jobbing: Working for that Extra-Special Raise

3rd Jobbing can be summed up in four words: pain in the ass. First off, you need a ton of random rare-drops from not-very mobby monsters. Then, you need to cough up 3mil (for new players, this is kinda’ hard, especially if you’ve been power-leveling). Then you have to run around half the world to talk to some guy three or four times to go to someone else to talk to just to go back again and talk to the same freakin’ guy. And finally, to end the 3rd job quest, you have to go through a monster quest 16 times with super-powered versions of their normal selves, like the Tribunal Fondues.

The first step in 3rd jobbing is farming for your rare-drop, non-mobby monster items. It’s a pain, but definitely doable. The whole 3rd job quest is posted on (the wiki page), so look for them there. If you need some extra galders for actual 3rd jobbing or for spare change, farm them again for more rare-drop 3rds and sell them off. Trust me, it’s worth it. On Jewelia, the average price for each item is 1mil (except for your gems), so have fun. ;D

Yada yada yada, talk, talk, talk. So now you’re up to the Tribunal Monster Quests! This is the absolute hardest part of the whole 3rd job process because we are AoErs: we lack raw, single-target power. You have 5 minutes to kill 3 monsters and when you finish, you turn it in and…do it again for a different monster! They give you 1 Flower of Revival per turn in, but you don’t get to save them…In any case, the strategy!

The first 10 or so monsters are pretty easy, but you start to notice them get harder…and harder…and harder. Now, Tribunal Monster Quest #13 is the Madam Fondue quest. This will give you tremendous problems, even if you have MyShop. I had a full Chronos (Eclipse) set minus the pet and failed a good 10 or 20 times. This is when you go back to the “Why Not’s” section and start ignoring some of the comments. You will need Rust to finish this. You’ll be using Rust from this point on or even earlier if you’re having trouble before Quest #13. You can also try learning Arrow Rush (at TM 120, with level 10 Whirlwind and the skill build I mentioned above, I had enough points to get AR and Arrow to 10), however, just because you can deal more single-target damage faster doesn’t mean you have enough time to cast before these monsters eat your face off and urinate on your dead carcass.

So, once you get Rust, you’ll want to Rust everything. Take each monster one by one or you’ll be eaten alive. Remember, the higher the MA you have, the more powerful Rust will be; it will eat that stupid AP up! I understand that most of you have the mentality that HP takes prevalence over MA because the damage of a dead Sheep is 0, but MA becomes more important in the trials. Just make sure you have over, I don’t know, 6k HP? @_@

Whirlwind is especially useful during these trials because you can start with Whirlwind a good distance away, pull with Cleaving Terra, and just focus on Curing, potting, and Rusting. You might even be able to pull off a few Wind Blades.

Speaking about potting, you’re going to need HP pots for this. Sometimes, Cure will move you as the game tries to fix server-lag, breaking Whirlwind. Also, Tribunal Leviathans can Siren Song you (more HP, more damage attack skill) in the beginning for 5kish damage. So pick up a few Elixir Extracts (as many as you can carry and as long as you have enough MP pots) and make your life easier.

Mana Ring is an absolute no-no in the Tribunal Monster Quest simply because the damage, as low as it already is, will now deal almost no damage. My Ring did something like 330 damage to a Fondue. So avoid using Mana Ring in the later trials.

Don’t worry, it’s just a terrible stage you have to pass. I myself took 2 or 3 hours to finish the Tribunal quests, developing a strategy to get past those damn Fondues.

Tinks suck a lot. Rust them up and try to avoid close-contact because they will ENTRANCING WINK YOU! This means you get “silenced” or you can’t cast spells.

Note: As thestarsamurai mentioned, Tinks don’t Entrancing Wink you anymore or I remembered the monster wrong. Anyone have more info on this? I remember something in the trials would Entrancing Wink you into oblivion and I could’ve sworn it was on a fish.

Tips and Strategies:

It’s called kiting. All Magic-Types (and Gunners) should learn how to do this. Basically, it’s cast-move-cast-move-rinseandrepeat. This is a basic concept that will save you tons of Galders on pots and keep you alive. You don’t even have to move very far from the monster, actually. Because the game’s monster AI is so low, if you run through the monster in an arc, it will most likely get confused and stop trying to eat your cute, little face off.

Ring-Blade is a simple, basic combo. You cast Mana Ring, which will lure the monster towards you and then you cast Wind Blade right after. It’s a fast, powerful combo that’s easy to use. After Ring is cast, you’ll want to run forward, Wind Blade, and move a little farther out, so you can start it all over again. It’s so fast, it leads us into…

Timed Crits, which are what they sound like, critical hits that you force on your own, based on timing. There’s a guide for it in the Sense-type guide section, but basically, a timed crit is when you force a critical hit to occur that only does 1.2x normal damage, instead of 1.5x(?). This is forced when you attack exactly when the numbers on your previous hit disappear. Since Mana Ring takes its time and hovers slowly before displaying damage to your opponent, just completing the Ring-Blade combo will usually create a Timed Crit for yourself. You don’t actually see the numbers for MR, so if you’re the right distance, you can pull it off. The distance creates time for your numbers to “disappear.”

Note: Even though you won’t see the numbers right away, the game will register the fact that the monster is dead, so don’t worry about getting hit before the 2nd Ring spell hits.

Terra-Storm is another basic combo that Earth-Winds use. First, you cast Cleaving Terra on your mobs with its uber range. Then, you cast Mana Storm between yourself and the monsters. This strategy is about predicting where your monsters will move based on their speed. In this way, you can hit them with both of your AoEs with little-to-no misses. Cleaving Terra and Mana Storm also pause the enemies for a second or so, letting you start up your next cast earlier. (Thank you to Juno for this last sentence, forgot to mention it ;D)

Terra-Blade is our last basic combo. You pull with Cleaving Terra and you run by with Wind Blade. Just remember, keep moving after you Wind Blade them; they might not all be dead.

Cure is a very useful skill. Since you need to get it to level 10 for Mist of Mana, anyway, you might as well use it. On high Charm builds (most Earth-Wind Sheep), this gives you tons of HP back. 24% of my, what, 9k HP is a little less than 2k. I mean, Elixir Extracts only heal for 2k HP, anyway and Curing saves tons of weight on pots.

The Number Crunching: Show That Dragon Who’s Prettier!

Sheep are usually seen as cute, pretty, adorable, weak. Of the Magic-Types, they are usually seen as the lesser of the two. HOWEVER, this is widely untrue. Now we’re going to show who can whip out more damage faster, efficiently, and still look our gender at the same time! *Collective Gasp*

All formulas are taken from the mytrickster-wiki/mymmogames-wiki sites.

All Spells are of Mastered level.

MA for both characters is 500. Mist makes it 725.

LK for both characters is 200.

We’ll also say AC is 150.

MP will be 15,000.

DPM = Damage Per Mana = Damage/Mana

DPS = Damage Per Second = Damage/(Cast + Cool)

DoTs’ DPS will be “(Damage / Cast Time + Duration)” because the Cooldown has no affect on the next application of damage.

First up, we’ll start with our 1st Job Skills: Mana Arrow, Mana Ring, and Mana Storm. Since both Dragons and Sheep can use these spells, this is a contest of looks. Please bear with my extremely biased opinion: Our singing is cooler than the Dragon’s stupid cheerleading.

(MA – 49) * Magic Power / 10
Magic Power: 300
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 2s
Cost: 140

(725-49) * 300 / 10
676 * 300 / 10
Damage: 20,280
DPM: 144.86
DPS: 5794.29

(MA – 49) * Magic Power / 10 * 7 (arrows)
Magic Power: 134.9
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 2s
Cost: 140

(725-49) * 134.9 / 10 * 7
676 * 134.9 / 10 * 7
9,119.24 * 7
Damage: 63,834.68
DPM: 455.962
DPS: 18,238.48

MA * Power / 100
Power: 1500
Cast Time: 0.3s
Cooldown: 1.5s
Cost: 160

500 * 1500 / 100
Damage: 7,500
DPM: 46.88
DPS: 4166.67

MA * [(Ring Power + Ring Booster) / 100]
Ring Power: 1500
Ring Booster: 650
Cast time: 0.3s
Cooldown: 1.5s
Cost: 160
725 * [(1500 + 650) / 100]
725 * 2150 / 100
Damage: 15,587.5
DPM: 97.42
DPS: 8,659.72

MA * Power / 100
Power: 1900
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 5s
Cost: 230

500 * 1900 / 100
Damage: 9,500
DPM: 41.31
DPS: 1583.33

The winner in original damage is Mana Ring, Arrow Rush wins for amplified damage. In MP efficiency and DPS, Mana Arrow and Arrow Rush. However, for AoEing, the winner is obviously Mana Storm.

Next will be the 2nd job skills, which include all of the Sheep’s and Dragon’s elements and their damage spells.

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 340
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 2.5s
Cost: 178

(725-49) * 340 / 10
676 * 340 / 10
Damage: 22,984
DPM: 129.12
DPS: 6,566.86

(MA + LK – 49) * Multiplier
Multiplier: 24
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 2.5s
Cost: 356

(725 + 200 – 49) * 24
(925 – 49) * 24
876 * 24
Damage: 21,024
DPM: 59.06
DPS: 6,006.86

*Insert Formula Here*
Power: 360
Duration: 4s
Cast Time: Instant (?)
Cost: 264

I need more information before I can give you hypothetical numbers.

(MA – 49) * Power / 15
Power: 376
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 2.5s
Cost: 196

(725 – 49) * 376 / 15
676 * 376 / 15
Damage: 16,945.07
DPM: 86.45
DPS: 5,841.45

[MA + (Max MP / 120)] * Multiplier
Multiplier: 17.2
Duration: ??
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 4s
Cost: 400

[725 + (15,000 / 120)] * 17.2
(725 + 125) * 17.2
850 * 17.2
Damage: 14,620
DPM: 36.55

*Insert Formula Here*
Minimum Magnification Ratio: 6.2
Maximum Magnification Ratio: 74.4
Power: 3720
Cast Time: Instant (?)
Cooldown: 15s
Cost: 410

I need more information before I can give you hypothetical numbers.

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 390
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 2.5s
Cost: 176

(725-49) * 390 / 10
676 * 390 / 10
Damage: 26,364
DPM: 149.8
DPS: 7,532.57

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 540
Cast Time: 1.8s
Cooldown: 4s
Cost: 340

(725 – 49) * 540 / 10
676 * 540 / 10
Damage: 36,504
DPM: 107.36
DPS: 6,293.79

(MA – 49) * Multiplier
Multiplier: 37
Duration: 15s
Cast Time: 1.8s
Cost: 432

(725 – 49) * 37
676 * 37
Damage: 25,012
DPM: 57.9
DPS: 1,488.81

(MA – 49) x Power / 10
Power: 290
Duration: 14s
Cast Time: Instant (?)
Cooldown: 20s
Cost: 300

(725 – 49) * 290 / 10
676 * 29
Damage: 19,604
DPM: 65.35
DPS: 980.2

(MA – 25) * Mag. Ratio
Ratio: 22.5
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 3s
Cost: 190

(725 – 25) * 22.5
700 * 22.5
Damage: 15,750
DPM: 82.89
DPS: 3,500

(MA – 25) * Power / 15
Power: 480
Cast Time: 2s
Cooldown: 4.5s
Cost: 310

(725 – 25) * 480 / 15
700 * 480 / 15
Damage: 22,400
DPM: 72.26
DPS: 3,446.15

*Insert Formula Here*
Power: 368
Duration: XXX
Slow: 34%
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 6s
Cost: 346

I need more information before I can give you hypothetical numbers.

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 268 (On the wiki, there’s a %, but it doesn’t make sense with it “268%”)
Cast Time: 0.5s
Cooldown: 1s
Cost: 100

(725 – 49) * 268 / 10
676 * 268 / 10
Damage: 18,116.8
DPM: 181.17
DPS: 12,077.87

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 400
Cast Time: 2.5s
Duration: 18s
Cost: 270

(725 – 49) * 400 / 10
676 * 400 / 10
Damage: 27,040
DPM: 100.15
DPS: 1,319.03

(MA + AC – 49) * Multiplier
Power: 24.4
Cast Time: 0.5s
Cooldown: 3s
Cost: 320

(725 + 150 – 49) * 24.4
(875 – 49) * 24.4
826 * 24.4
Damage: 20,154.4
DPM: 62.99
DPS: 5,758.4

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 330
Cast Time: Instant
Activation Time ~ 1s
Cooldown: 12s
Cost: 300

(725 – 49) * 330 / 10
676 * 33
Damage: 22,308
DPM: 74.36
DPS: 1859

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 330
Cast Time: 1.2s
Cooldown: 2.5s
Cost: 174

(725 – 49) * 330 / 10
676 * 330 / 10
Damage: 22,308
DPM: 128.21
DPS: 6,029.19

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 420
Cast Time: 2s
Cooldown: 2s
Cost: 260

(725 – 49) * 420 / 10
676 * 420 / 10
Damage: 28,392
DPM: 109.2
DPS: 7,098

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 460
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 4s
Cost: 370

(725 – 49) * 460 / 10
676 * 460 / 10
Damage: 31,096
DPM: 84.05
DPS: 5,653.82

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 470
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 2.7s
Cost: 230

(725 – 49) * 470 / 10
676 * 470 / 10
Damage: 31,772
DPM: 138.14
DPS: 7,564.77

Blood Testament Activated: 36,537***158.6***8,699.48

Hellfire Damage * %
% = 46
Duration = 27

31,772 * 46%
Damage: 14,615.12
Total Damage: 46,387.12
DPM: 201.64
DPS: 11,044.56

Blood Testament Activated: 53,344.02***231.93***12,700.96

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 610
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 6s
Cost: 294

(725 – 49) * 610 / 10
676 * 610 / 10
Damage: 41,236
DPM: 140.26
DPS: 5,890.86

Blood Testament Activated: 47,421.4***161.30***6,774.49

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 900
Cast Time: 3s
Cooldown: 15s
Cost: 2000

(725 – 49) * 900 / 10
676 * 900 / 10
Damage: 60,840
DPM: 30.42
DPS: 3,380

Blood Testament Activated: 69,966***34.98***3,887

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: X
Cast Time: X
Duration: X
Cooldown: X
Cost: X

This concludes the 2nd job skill analysis. The highest damage spell, the biggest number you will ever see, is/will come from Gravity Crush. However, it is also the worst spell at the same time. You get so little damage per point of MP you spend that it’s just horrible. The damage per second is also pretty blech, too.

Wicked Flame + Hellfire would be the winner for DPM, here, but if you think about it, Wicked Flame has to last through its whole duration in order to keep high damage. If Wicked Flame doesn’t last long enough, then it is essentially MP-inefficient. Therefore, the real winner is Wind Blade.

As for the last winner, the winner for DPS, it is, once again, Wind Blade. Wind Blade is exceptionally fast and packs a decent punch for an AoE. Since damage would be applied every second-and-a-half, that means Wind Blade has the highest possible output.

Face Off: The Comparison (2nd Job)

So, once again, it’s time to downplay the Dragon a little and show him the might of our Sheep sisters. Since I’ve already laid out the numbers, I’ll just head straight into this simulation.

Earth/Wind Existent Herbivore vs. Light Fictitious Carnivore

Since this is, an Earth-Wind Sheep guide, above all else (even though it doesn’t look like it), we’ll be showing the Earth-Wind Sheep off. In this scenario, we’ll compare it to the Dragon equivalent, the Light Dragon.

I’m not too experienced with PvP, so we’ll be roasting imaginary monsters with 0 MD. Those would be Torrobies. Just imagine that these Torrobies decided to work out and now have a bazillion HP.

Our fictitious Light Dragon will begin casting Radiant Strike on the unsuspecting fluffball. The spell takes 1.5s to cast and, in the end, will send that poor bunny on his way with 31,096 damage to the face.

Now for the Earth-Wind Sheep’s turn. Since we’re Sheep, our strongest point is to combo. Or attempt to do it, as in the case of Fire/Lightning/Water Sheep. The standard combo we will use is Ring-Blade, without RMR. The whole combo will take 0.8s to complete, so we’ll say that she’s standing on the Torrobie. This would deal a total of 25,616.8 damage. And so, the Earth-Wind Sheep loses…

BUT WAIT! There’s more! We still have 0.7s left to match the Light Dragon’s time?! No way! So, we have enough time to fit…a Razor Gale. Remember, our Mana Ring’s on cooldown and so is our Wind Blade. Razor Gale will tack on 20,154.4 damage, with .2s left to spare. Guess what? Our Sheep wins the race in damage. Yaaay.

However, we must now look at things in a different perspective. Our Light Dragon just busted out 31k damage…off of 370 MP. We, on the other hand, dished out a whopping 45k damage on 580 MP. In the long run, we’ll run out of MP before he runs out, which means we will have worse DPM.

In the case of an Earth/Wind Sheep vs. a Light Dragon, we have a high amount of burst, yet we burn out faster than the Light Dragon. However, with a few pots handy, that can easily be ignored, since we all know everyone carries pots.

Winner: Earth/Wind Sheep

Earth/Wind Flower vs. Dark Herbicides

This time, we’ll pit ourselves against the Dark Dragon. They’re famed for high damage and melee-death. We, on the other hand, are famous for…being…um, rare.

The Dark Dragon will go first, again. Since Arrow Rush has immensely high damage, we’ll call it cheating because, hey, the Earth/Wind Sheep is still an AoEr, not single-target, like the Dark Dragon. 31,722 damage whacks the Torrobie in the face from Hellfire.

Since we know we can beat that damage, we’ll give the Dark Dragon a little more leeway. BAM! Dark Lance tacks on more damage, totaling 72,958 damage in 2.5s. We won’t give him any more time for Hellfire, so that’s it.

2.5s is a good enough time for an Earth/Wind Sheep, but is it enough? Earth hasn’t been used yet, so a Cleaving Terra sweeps in for 15,750 damage. Then we follow up with our Razor-Blade (haha), so that brings our total damage up to 54’021.2. And so, that ends our 2.5s.

The finishing notes: in the end, the Dark Dragon wins in that 2.5s time frame, if the Earth/Wind Sheep starts with Cleaving Terra. The Earth/Wind Sheep has the potential to win, however, we are all human, we all make mistakes.

If the Earth/Wind Sheep had started with Ring-Blade-Gale, she would have won. However, this new scenario that has been created, with the Sheep starting off with Earth, has shown us how we can deal with Dark Dragons (though I didn’t originally intend a PvP element, here): burst first.

If the Dark Dragon can let off that Dark Lance, then we are essentially doomed, we’ll lose the damage game. Also, if he uses Arrow Rush, we must also make sure we heal right after it and proceed to blitz.

Number Crunching Part II: 3rd Job Awesomeness

So, now that you’re finally just about to hit 3rd job, you need to decide what you want to be, Soul Master or Witch. To help you decide, I’ve taken the time (again) to crunch the numbers on all the 3rd job Sheep and Dragon spells. For the Witch, you use the Dragon’s 2nd Job spells, so just look to the above section for help on that. Here, I’ll show you the damage on the Dark Lord’s, Priest’s, and Soul Master’s spells using the same stats as before. The only difference is that:

Dark Attribute is 200%.

(MA – 25) * Multiplier
Multiplier: 33
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 4s
Cost: 500

(725 – 25) * 33
700 * 33
Damage: 23,100
DPM: 46.2
DPS: 4,200


(MA + AC – 49) * Multiplier
Multiplier: 24
Cast Time: 0.5s
Cooldown: 2s
Cost: 400

(725 + 150 – 49) * 24
826 * 24
Damage: 19,824
DPM: 49.56
DPS: 7,929.6

(MA – 25) * Power
Power: 34
Cast Time: 1.2s
Cooldown: 3.5s
Cost: 480

(725 – 25) * 34
700 * 34
Damage: 23,800
DPM: 49.5833333
DPS: 5963.83

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 460
Cast Time: 1.2s
Cooldown: 3s
Cost: 44 (This looks wrong to me, can anyone confirm?)

(725-49) * 460 / 10
676 * 46
Damage: 31,096
DPM: 706.72
DPS: 7,403.81

(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 600
Cast Time: 1.2s
Cooldown: 5s
Cost: 480

(725 – 49) * 600 / 10
676 * 60
Damage: 40,560
DPM: 84.5
DPS: 6,541.94

(MA – 49) * [Mag. Ratio + (15 * Dark Attribute)]
Mag. Ratio: 44
Cast Time: 0.8s
Cooldown: 5s
Cost: 660

(725-49) * [44 + (15 * 2)] (200% = 2)
676 * (44 + 30)
676 * 74
Damage: 50,024
DPM: 75.8
DPS: 8,624.8

Blood Testament Activated: 57,527.6***87.16***9,918.55

(MA – 49) * [Multiplier + (30 * Dark Attribute)]
Multiplier: 24
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: 8s
Cost: 1200

(725-49) * [24 + (30 * 2)]
676 * (24 + 60)
676 * 84
Damage: 56,784
DPM: 47.32
DPS: 5,977.3

Blood Testament Activated: 65,301.6***54.42***6,873.85


(MA – 49) * Power / 10
Power: 184
Cast Time: None (Negligible)
Cooldown: 10s (Negligible)
Cost: 1160

(725 – 49) * 184 / 10
676 * 18.4
Damage: 12,483.4
DPM: Varies
DPS: Varies

(MA – 25) * Multiplier
Multiplier: 38
Cast Time: None (this looks fishy, to me)
Cooldown: None
Cost: 1300

(725 – 25) * 38
700 * 38
Damage: 26,600
DPM: 20.5
DPS: XXX (see above)

(MA – 25) * (34 + Number of Light Skills) / 20 * Mag. Ratio
Mag. Ratio: 30.6
Cast Time: Instant (?)
Cooldown: 7s
Cost: 780

The formula doesn’t quite make sense to me.

Leveling: How It’s Done the Normal Way

Leveling for the Earth/Wind Sheep is only slightly faster than other classes. To be honest, AoEs in a PvM setting are actually quite inefficient. Most of the time, you’ll end up single-targeting monsters and such, but you do have the advantage of getting three or four monsters if they just so happen to be close together.

1-15: Follow the Episode Quest. If you have a higher level character, doing Chapter 1 will get you to level 10 instantly if you complete it in one go. After finishing Chapter 1 of Episode 0, you’ll just have to grind to 15…

15-20: It’s time for Chapter 2! Drill up those Oasis Waters and Tanning Oils and get your free drill! This should get you a level or two, so then you’ll just have to grind some more on Golden Moles and Fanta Slimes. Feel free to try Shell Traps and Fanta Fish, though there’s not much of a difference.

20-30: You can probably hit 30 by finishing Episode 0 (Chapter 3) on your own. If you have your own higher level character, completing Episode 0 will get you to 26. Now, remember this: You must do the Pochi Monster Quest from Southwest Forest (bottom right map from Megalopolis) before you hit 30. The TM Exp isn’t great, but the more you have the better. So, if you’re not 30 by the time you finish everything, grind it out.

31-45: If you did the Key Quest, you might be a little bit further ahead. This point of the game is kinda’ boring, but you should concentrate on doing the Poppuri Dungeon quests. They’re good base and TM exp, but there’s a lot of drilling. If you don’t feel like drilling, just grind it out. At this time, you’ll start to notice Card Quests. Basically, find a card they ask for (don’t bother with the riddle, just wiki it), hand it in, and get TM Exp. It’s not as great as it used to be (each quest used to give about 2 or 3 TM levels per), but it’s still a decent amount.

Note!: You must do the Ghost Book Monster Quest from the Phantom School. It gives tons of exp and the level cap is base level 50.

46-50: Start your Caballa Relics Key Quest! You can do the Hulled Millet quest (very easy) or you can drill. You can even do the Shaman Girl Jia quest to get Pens in the Phantom School from Marie and Maro Toys. Once again, if questing’s not your thing, grind. Leaf Birds (who drop Hulled Millets!) and Mandragoras are easy and convenient. If you have a level 60ish friend, have them power-level you at the Path to Black Swamp while they do their Electric Snail monster quest.

51-70: Doing the Caballa Relics Key Quest and Chapter 1 of Episode 2 will get you to around 65. Yes, amazing, aren’t they? Once again, complete Card Quests (you can now finish all the Caballa Card Quests) and check Love Hunter Robin’s Monster Quests. Once you’re done with that, go to Carbigal in the Black Swamp! The Gate to Black Swamp is 2 maps north of Azteca, so don’t worry. Start up the Electric Snail Monster Quest there and kill them in the Path to Black Swamp.

71-90: This is ultimately excruciatingly annoying. This is the time to start doing the Oops Wharf Key Quest and the rest of Episode 2. After completion, you should be around 80 or so. Remember to check the Love Hunter’s quests (especially Phantom School) and move on to Mermaid Palace. The Mermaid Palace Key Quest is painfully annoying, as you need some 100 or so rare-drops to get all 7 damn stickers. Don’t forget to do the Mermaid Little and Waterweed Card Quests in Mermaid Palace as well as the Inky Muck and Shadow Card Quests in Phantom School. (Note: This section may be wrong because I, for one, haven’t leveled up a new character between 71 and 90 since the Black Swamp Update, so all I’ve removed is the Elec. Snail part. Chances are, you will have to grind or something for awhile before you can start some of the Oops Wharf Key Quests :/)

91-100: This is another big pain. Once again, monster quest, card quests, then do the Key Quest for Ghost Blue. It’ll give you a lot of exp and you might hit 100 or so.

101-140 and 3rd Job: By now you should know the pattern: Monster Quest, Key Quest, Episode Quest, Card Quest. Start and, if you can kill the golem at the end of Episode 3, finish the final Episode Quest. Once you’re done doing whatever, do the Rose Garden Key Quest. Finally, do the 3rd Job quest and you should be around 140. (Another Note: Pretty much, I didn’t do any 101-140 leveling and now Snow Hills is ruined for grinding. So, this kind of forces you to do the Rose Garden Key Quest, like it or not…Now to have Cirana run alllll the way back to do those old quests…)

Your Awesome Threads, Man.

Trickster Online (Revolution) is extremely gear based. No matter how you try to defend the game, it all boils down to who’s wearing what and how much of stat x is comp’d into equip y. Therefore, here’s a list of what stats you should really worry about (or not).

HP: This is a very important stat. Usually, an HP comp’d Shield and a good Golden Mole Vest (GMV) is good enough. Just know that HP comp items sell for tons to other players and GMVs are currently, on Jewelia, worth anywhere from 3 to 4mil. Yes, it’s expensive, but definitely worth it.

DP: Is also a nice stat to have, seeing as how you’re practically immune to magic, anyway. Most people feel it’s a useless stat, but they’re just idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about. In general, DP is really an issue for Cashers/MyShop users. MyShop caster equipment significantly lacks defensive stats, so the more DP the better. Most monsters normal attack, anyway, and aren’t like players who skill-spam, so DP is a little bit more important. There’s just one rule: don’t sacrifice MA or HP for DP.

MA: This is our primary stat and it’s generally better to search for MA gear. It’s kinda’ hard to comp into items, the 3 main pieces of gear being your helm, shield, and weapon. Weapons can’t get MA comp’d, so aim for LK there. Hats should be MA comp’d, and shields should be HP comp’d. You should also aim for MA in your accessories, but if you need more LK or HP, feel free to switch around.

LK: Is not a stat we want to hunt for. Earth and Wind are fairly accurate, so don’t worry too much about it. Whatever comes with your gear is generally good enough and comp some LK into your weapons. If you got Arrow Rush instead of Ring and delayed your elemental spells, you might want to put this stat a little higher up on the list, though.

AC: Is another cool stat, but like LK, it shouldn’t be sought after to a great extent. AC just helps our crits, so there’s not as much of an incentive to get AC as there is MA. Unless you want to be a super crit-mage, just take what you get.

MP: Should never be looked for. Ever. PERIOD. If your accessory can’t get any useful comps except MP, go for it, but you can always sacrifice MP for MA, AC, LK, HP, HV, DP, etc. Why do you think you’re carrying pots?

MD: Is a nice stat to have, but it’s not as useful. Yes, many monsters now cast spells, but after cast, they wait for the cooldown before casting another. You’re not under constant magic pressure from monsters, unlike maybe a PvP setting. It’s a nice stat, but don’t look specifically for it unless you want to PvP. If anything, you can pick up Mana Shield, our MD buff.

HV: Another convenient stat, but don’t look too hard for it. Our natural HV should be enough. Like AC, don’t worry too much about looking for this.


As of late, I have realized that people lack many things, from gear, galders, cards, cash, and, worst of all, manners. Since so many people lack this, I feel it necessary to include this part of the guide: Gamer’s Etiquette.

If someone asks you a question, answer them. Do not just walk away like nothing happened. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, just say, “I don’t know,” or something. Believe me, this would solve many questions and answers and you might even net yourself a new friend or two. This also helps out when you’re farming. I can’t tell you how much it pisses me off when I ask someone, “Do you have any HP Stone 80s?” or something and they just walk away. It’s okay if you aren’t paying attention to the chat log and the person is just off screen, but when they WALK UP TO YOU AND ASK YOU A SIMPLE QUESTION, you damn better well answer.

If you have a question to ask someone else, do NOT open up a trade with them. It is so annoying to have to be FORCEFULLY stopped just so someone will take minutes just to type out “hi,” “hai,” “heyy,” or “i buy cash.” If you have a question, walk up to them and type in ALL what you want to ask or whisper them. People seem to not realize that all games have a wonderful system programmed into them so that people can have 1-on-1 chats called whispering. I can’t stress this enough.

If you want to join a party, ask first or just request. If you’re rejected, it’s okay to ask once or twice more, but DO NOT spam the freakin’ “Join” button. The leader might be trying to kill something while you’re trying to join and your big, obnoxious Join window will stop all his/her actions. You might also ruin their Special or Type party or, even worse, Fix the party, so please understand if you are rejected or simply booted immediately after joining that you are detrimental to the leveling of that party. For example, the other day I was trying to level my LK Fox at BugBears/Jokers (Path to Snow Hill) and a Bunny tried to join. She was 56 or so and “Fixed” our party, so I booted her. The second I put another bulletin up, I get spammed some 50-60 times and it takes me forever to check the “Deny All Requests” thing on. Which leads me to…

Justice, is a big issue amongst Tricksters. I don’t care if you’re afraid of being banned, REPORT THE DAMN B**** FOR BEING AN A**. If you do get banned, simply take it up with the company and tell them how wrong they are, that’s what the GMs are for, to listen to your complaints. If you still lose out that way, oh well, the worst you get kicked off for is what, 3 days to a week? It’s the principle of the matter!

Note: You can also report someone if they’re spamming you with anything else, including whispers containing harmful language.

When someone else is drilling, do not just walk up to him/her and drill around them. Leave those super-drilling Sense-Types alone, god damn it! If you need something from drilling in the area, ask them if you can have/buy their extras or go drill in another part of the map. When you just drill around them, you get in the way of their clicking, your pet gets in their way, and you’re drilling up all the items they gave up skill points to see. Anyone who does this is a loser and you may feel free to attempt to kill them in any way possible.

When talking to someone else, use good English, please. I understand if people can’t help it, that English wasn’t their first language and they’re not good at typing it, but do not type something that no one else can understand. Use proper grammar, but you can leave out periods and capitals (question marks are necessary). This goes for forum posts, too. I’m not typing in 1337 sp34k, now am I? I can’t tell you how much I want to kill people on the forums who don’t type properly. Throwing in dozens of “uhhh..*info*..uhhhh.uhhhh…well, uh…*info*” does NOT make you helpful. That being said, do NOT speak extremely formally. You do not BESEECH someone, nowadays, you BEG them or ASK them. You don’t ask “How goes you?” you ask, “What’s up?” This is an INFORMAL COMMUNITY; you don’t meet your friends in slacks, dresses, dress shirts, and ties for recreation, do you? You don’t “inquire”, you “want to know.”

When grinding/leveling/killing monsters, do NOT KS someone. To KS someone is to steal their kill. Basically, it’s attacking a monster you know someone else is trying to kill. It’s very annoying and it also makes leveling worse for you. The only reason why you should ever KS someone is if they’re being a jack***, then I say CT/Storm that idiot into no tomorrow and Ring/Blade his new targets. However, don’t start a war unless you’re sure they’re KSing you; sometimes they might not see you when they start up their ranged skill or you didn’t see them while you’re clipping something with a ranged spell. Please note that when someone is running from something and that something is slightly damaged, don’t attack it until it stops chasing; the person might be trying to kite.


AoE – Area of Effect; hits multiple targets

Personal (AoE) – an AoE that is centered on the caster

Splash – some skills may have this function where it will deal damage to targets very close to the original target, dealing a fraction of the damage.

– TO gamer-slang for MyShop (cash shop) items

Closing Remarks

Thank you all for staying with me on my long, long monologue. This was my first guide and I felt it really needed to be made. Like many people, I was inspired to make an Earth/Wind Sheep, my first character, through Sacchari’s Earth/Wind Bard guide. However, I felt that I had to research alone, on my own, and with little help. So, here’s my guide, hope you learned a lot about the game, all you newer players and for all those vets looking for something new to try, hope you find Earth/Wind a little exciting.

On another note: When do all these DoTs tick? All I know is that Whirlwind ticks every 2 seconds. When does Tesla, Hellfire, Phoenix Rising, etc. go off? Also, information about Withering Disease would be nice (I didn’t even know it existed, ‘till today).

A Second Note: Are the new 2nd job spells (save Deadly Fen) and Searing Light all instant cast? All I have confirmed is Tornado Blast.

And Finally: If you ever need me, I’m free most of the time. I have…a lot of characters, but usually, I will be on:

Cirana: Soul Master
Thestria: LK Fox

You can also reach me at

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