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Talking Long's skill guide for scientist =]

Welcome my fellow scientists =]. ive decided to create a guide that will actually be updated with the patches when the new skills come.
*note i am starting from the 3rd job adv i will not tell you the following engineer and inventor skills that you already have cause thats just pointless*

These skills should be learned in the following order.

-Berserk MAX - stronger than POWERSHOT but every now and then it fails...

-Gun Overdrive MAX - a lot of people say "this skill it a waste" probably because it adds only 2k more damage to your normal shot but read on there is still a reason for maxing this =]

-Keen Sense MAX - yes thats right this engineer skill will add onto gun overdrive and make that normal critical shot hit close to your POWERSHOT. *note learn to time critical read on it gets better*

-six sense lv 10 - yea you need this for the pre request for revealing eye people say it helps with crit i dont see no diff haha but since its DA it might help with your comping

-revealing eye lv 1 - not gonna lie this skill sucks horribly but playing hind and go seak with fox is fun and it is entertaining to look at

-Sharpen sense MAX - i know this skill hasnt come out yet but remeber keen sense well it was a pre request to this skill!! and this skill will help you boost those crits you love so much and guess what IT WORKS FOR SKILLS TOO =]

-Lock on MAX? - i got this skill only use in pvp it actually helps but if your in a serious 1 on 1 idk if you wana waste your time casting this skill

welp thats all for now i will update this when new skills come and if there are any adjustments requested if you wana chill with me my ign is LongBarrel you can see me on ruby and peral A LOT i hope this helps hmm this is off topic and all but feel free to ask me any questions even if its about training spots or something =].

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