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Originally Posted by NoeJeko
Well, the date is open to negotiation. Here are some things to consider:

Work (jobs don't get a summer vacation)
Other Conventions (namely, Fanimecon on Memorial Day, Anime Expo on 4th of July)

The dates set are a 3-day weekend for most jobs/school that I know of. The location, at least for the first one, cannot be changed as I cannot travel back and forth to LA all the time to set everything up :U
\o\;; I kinda suggest to place the MMOGCon before/after an anime con? If the two events are close to each other, it's more of an incentive for people to make a trip to Cali. MMOGCon is only for three days, right? If you were to put it on a three day weekend, for people who are farther away and plan on attending (I want to come, but I can't make the dates you have at all) then it would be about half a day before the weekend that they need to take a plane. Three days of MMOGCon and then another half day for a plane. =/
1st day -> includes 1/2 day plane
2~4th day -> MMOGCon
5th day -> includes 1/2 day plane home

I'm aware you probably have work or something, but this was just a suggestion. o:

Plus, you might get some people who are attending the anime con to drift over to the MMOGCon. 8D
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