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Reason why there aint no nr.01 pvp build is because there is no perfect build, we all got different play-styles, some skill might be very very good if you play one style but to the other it will be useless.

If you wanna use a skill build (specially for lunia) go ahead but you should find your own style and not follow others cause THATS when you start to suck cause you wont use the skills the way the Original build user uses it and the way you play might need other skills.

So.. before you take on a skill build please check if they fit in your own play-style first.

One example: All skill builds for stage sieg say cross cut: lv 1, altho... when I only get crosscut lv:1 I SUCK BIG TIME... so I need crosscut maxed cause its the way I play, without it I suck (I tried playing with crosscut lv:1 when I used skill reset, then uppened it again).