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Offensive Lire (xbow) Tactic:
Cartwheel Utilization
vs. Anyone (Mostly Elesis).

Elesis has 80% more arrow defense than the other characters - or it says so on the official site - and she has deadly combos. Ranging will do a very small amount of damage, so what can you do? Most know that the dash attack, which is firing 2 arrows whilst doing a cartwheel, usually bypasses the defense for Elesis. There are multiple ways to utilize this, such as...

Cartwheel Attack: Just the normal attack, still effective.

Cartwheel Combo: Keep doing a cartwheel attack in the opposite direction - your opponent usually chases you, so you don't have to worry about getting too far.

Rainstorm of Cartwheels: Right after a cartwheel, jump up into a rainstorm (The xBow skill where Lire is mid-backflip while shooting arrows done by pressing down in a jump) and then go back into a cartwheel. Rinse, repeat.

Cartwheel Grab: This one is really effective if done right. If you get too close to Elesis exiting a cartwheel, she performs one of her dastardly combos. Instead of going the opposite direction every time you cartwheel attack, alternate directions. When you come out of a cartwheel with a good opportunity, you can grab your opponent and proceed to more cartwheels.


Offensive Lire (Archer 1st job) Tactic:
Fire Escape
vs. Anyone, preferably melee.
Ideal stage: One with multiple levels to jump on/drop down from, such as Trial Forest.

This is a situation that happened to me countless times as a first job Lire. My teammates die, and I only have a life left. They have 3 people, each with one or two lives. It's hard at first, but your confidence can boost with the skill Fire Arrow. However, it's the level 3 skill you have to buy in the cash shop, so that may pose a problem.

What you want to do is run and use your dash attack to fend off your opponents. It's crucial you DON'T let them get to you, because in close range, there's no way you can defeat 3 meleers. Charge up 3 Mana slots and get ready to time a Fire Arrow.

However, if you time it wrong or get counterrattacked (which is why it isn't as useful against Lires or Armes), there goes your very useful attack.

What usually works for me is going to the top level of Trial Forest when I have it charged. Hopefully, the opponents charge from the same area. You want to dash and fall down from that level, and as soon as you do, CHARGE YOUR MP! Charging MP in mid-air allows you to move around, but doesn't allow you to aim the attack. The MP bar should be full, so when the people follow you down, dash across, turn around, and BAM. There goes one life of each of your opponents, hopefully.

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