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So I just picked up Ral Ω Grad the other day. Freaking. Awesome. And tons of bewbie fondling 8D ha ha ha. And its also the newest work from the same artist who did Death Note :x

Blue Dragon Ral Grad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also another I picked up that I grew really fond of was Nightmare Inspector.

Portion of a review from Yumekui Kenbun: Nightmare Inspector Book 1 Ľ Comics Worth Reading

The Silver Star Tea Room is a quiet little cafť where people seeking freedom from their nightmares come. Inside sits Hiruko, who appears to be a teenager lost in his daydreams, but in reality he is a baku, a dream eater. The desperate can find out the truth behind what haunts them, all for the price of letting Hiruko eat their nightmare.

Nightmare Inspector is an enjoyable supernatural manga. Itís similar in style to Xxxholic, Nightmares for Sale, or Antique Gift Shop. The book has seven chapters, each composed of a different client. The stories are slightly formulaic, but they move quickly and end with great twists. Itís the twist that hooks you and keeps you reading. I donít want to go into too much detail about any of the stories, in fear Iíll inadvertently ruin the surprise.