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IGN: xVertigo
Class: NINJA! lu_sieg
Level: 8x
Guild: Fusion
Default in depth stage skill breakdown: infinity meteor sword

This (kinda) guide focuses solely on the knight skill, infinity meteor sword, the pros, cons, uses, and maybe somethings you never knew about it.

Infinity Meteor Sword:

Shots: 1
Range: 60
Duration: 3.07 seconds
Time: 2.23 seconds
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Minimum Attainable Level: 50

Level 1 - 43~108 damage/194 mp
Level 2 - 67~112 damage/202 mp
Level 3 - 92~116 damage/209 mp
*Level 4 - 121 damage/218 mp
Level 5 - 125 damage/226 mp
Level 6 - 130 damage/234 mp
Level 7 - 135 damage/243 mp
Level 8 - 140 damage/251 mp
Level 9 - 175 damage/349 mp
Level 10- 186 damage/372 mp
Level 11- 198 damage/396 mp

(* level 4 and above all have fixed damage, it will always do that damage for every hit)

Description: Arguably the best looking knight skill, Infinity Meteor Sword, (or IMS for short) is a series of 8 hits with a wide frontal range.


- The most efficient skill for a knight*
- Can be use very easily in combos
- Dosen't take up many points
- Can be comboed afterwards if positioned correctly
- Fixed damage at level 4 and above
- Cannot be escaped if the first hit lands

*only at level 4, compared to other skills


- Level 1 is barely comboable
- Huge waste of time if you miss (not cancellable)
- Last 2 hits are very erratic with position and do half the damage of the first 6 hits

Comboing: you can pretty much do anything you want into IMS, even as simple as kicking S dash A, the damage will really rack up if you have max multiplier.

other combos:


S dash A IMS
S AA kicking IMS
AAS AAAA kicking IMS


Any level sky slashing > IMS
AS space space dash A kicking S/cross cut dash A IMS


Damage: 8/10
Comboability: 8/10
Efficiency: 10/10

Final Rating: 9/10, this skill is the best skill that you can get for a knight for damage to mp ratio, learn a few basic combos with it and you'll be set. the only advisory is to try to avoid levels above 4 (unless you know what you're doing of course)

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