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Originally Posted by sunchip
Luciane VS Senpai
Theme: Must use the color 'Green'
Style: Grunge

I will vote for Senpai, nice colors and well done signature for a semi mono-color signature.

Glarbage VS HolyAbyssal
Theme: Must demonstrate 'Grafitti Art'
Style: Vector / Cell Shading

No way, Glarbage wins here. But to be honest it's one of him most worse work.

Chesters VS OrangeJuice
Theme: Must demonstrate 'Ancient Civilization'
Style: N/A

Chesters is dis-qualified for failing to submit an entry. OrangeJuice automatically goes through to 2nd Round.


Vaizado VS Shnao
Theme: Must use the color 'Orange'
Style: Fairy Dust / Fantasy

Shnao FOR SURE! Nice color-match. Awesome and cute Fairy, I loved the effects.

Epic VS Kenjii
Theme: Must demonstrate and emphasize the word 'Vagrant'
Style: Typography / Text

Epic is dis-qualified for failing to submit an entry. Kenjii automatically goes through to 2nd Round.


Haiko VS Kudaranai
Theme: Must demonstrate characters from any 'Anime'
Style: N/A

Haiko wins here. Nice entry both of you, but Kuda's sig is just too simple. ._.;

Hint to Haiko: Next time use a better typo.

ShunWolfkin VS Rhikiri
Theme: Must use this stock photo HERE and the color must be based around purple
Style: Photo-Manipulation

Photo-Manipulations is always hard, but honestly I don't like both of entrys, but the second one sounds better than the first.

WhatThePhuc VS Bob
Theme: Must demonstrate the image to be 'Black and White'
Style: Futuristic

Bob please! 8D
Awesome organization at the signature. I loved.

Jono VS k0n
Theme: Must demonstrate MMOG in some way
Style: Web 2.0 / Shiny and Glossy

Nice entry, I lol'ed at this notebook. I want one! <333
Votes and reasons in poll/post. <3

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