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I went through some of the files for the skit faces.
I'll add more later and put them all as seperate files. (PNG)
An easier way to get the faces without going through every stage:
Download WTV viewer (I downloaded mine a while ago so I'm not sure if this is the right link or not.)
Go to your Lunia folder (I'll assume you didn't change anything so it'll be Program Files -> Ijji -> ENGLISH -> Lunia)
Go to "Cinema"
The ZIP file named "Ending" will have the episode 3 ending pictures (I didn't sort through it yet, so I'm guessing.)
The "Stage" file will have a bunch of ZIP files with all their skit faces and backgrounds (and some misc. stuff.)
I haven't found a way to save each file yet, so you'll probably have to Print Screen + Paste + Crop them.
Also, I don't remember if you have to manually set it so WTV views them or if it's automatically set.
Grouped Sieg Images
Single Sieg pictures
EDIT: Changed the URL for the Grouped Sieg pictures. (02/11/2008)
Grouped Eir Images

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