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*copies ShunWolfkin*

Of course I won't vote in my own battle but I like what you did Senpai ^^
But it seems to me that you had also a hard time with the grunge :P
I like had no idea what to do, lol.

Glarbage VS HolyAbyssal
Theme: Must demonstrate 'Grafitti Art'
Style: Vector / Cell Shading

I like Glarbage signature because in my eyes it fits the theme and style better because HolyAbyssal's sig is so messy. It doesn't feel comfortable when I look at HolyAbyssal's signature.


Vaizado VS Shnao
Theme: Must use the color 'Orange'
Style: Fairy Dust / Fantasy

Shnao fits the theme and style in my eyes far better than Vaizado. I really get a Fantasy feel with his sig and everything is done in orange :P


Haiko VS Kudaranai
Theme: Must demonstrate characters from any 'Anime'
Style: N/A

OH MAN YOU TWO MAKE IT HARD. I totally adore Haiko's sig and that got my attention first. But Kuda's sig is so cute and adorable and I love it too.
Of course they both fit the theme so it's just a matter of picking.. I will pick this later Q_Q

CAN I VOTE FOR BOTH? Q_Q I love them both.. =[

ShunWolfkin VS Rhikiri
Theme: Must use this stock photo HERE and the color must be based around purple
Style: Photo-Manipulation

ShunWolfkin manipulated the picture more so he has that advantage, but overall Rhikiri signature looks nicer. It grabs your attention quick and it actually holds your attention - while being really calm. I love it.



WhatThePhuc VS Bob
Theme: Must demonstrate the image to be 'Black and White'
Style: Futuristic

Okay, both did the theme right black and white right, that's obvious. WhatThePhuc has a busy signature that grabs your eyes when you look over it but I'm personally not fond of very busy signatures. Bob keeps it plain and simple, and even without using all the space the sig seems overall well done.
I don't really have an opinion on which maches the style more but I just like Bob's sig more.


Jono VS k0n
Theme: Must demonstrate MMOG in some way
Style: Web 2.0 / Shiny and Glossy

This is hard. Both demonstrated MMOG in a way and while k0n used his available space more he failed a bit on the web 2.0 style - and while Jono didn't fail on the Web 2.0 style, he didn't use his space properly. Both used the shiny and glossy.
I'm now looking from the point that it's a signature contest and Jono's could put somewhere on the website easily - but not as a signature. That's why k0n gets my vote.


Sorry for the ones I didn't vote for Q_Q I wish I could give you all 40 points =]

Originally Posted by ShunWolfkin
However, I will admit I am not fond of the way the lightning was done. It feels like it had much less effort than the rest of the signature, and thus feels off.
NO WAY!! Lol
It may seem like that but I'm not that good at lighting because I didn't practise much with it yet.. I did spend hours on it to make it fit to my liking Dx
Just making that clear :P I can't change your opinion about it, but I can clear up what I did with it ^^ Lighting doesn't like me and I don't like lighting either - though I still have to use it while we don't get along *yay* =]

Thank you so much k0n <3

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