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My vote goes for who's sig it is (or the darker name out of the 2). Also, same 7 that I voted for in the poll.

Luciane VS Senpai

Theme: Must use the color 'Green'
Style: Grunge

I simply thought this would look better as a sig than the other one.

Glarbage VS HolyAbyssal
Theme: Must demonstrate 'Grafitti Art'
Style: Vector / Cell Shading

Looked more like "graffiti" since it had the brick wall. The coloring looks like it took more time than a paint splatter.

Vaizado VS Shnao
Theme: Must use the color 'Orange'
Style: Fairy Dust / Fantasy

I saw this as more "fairy/fantasy" than Samus. I like the design on the left and how it blends with the Fairy's surroundings.


Haiko VS Kudaranai
Theme: Must demonstrate characters from any 'Anime'
Style: N/A

I'd see myself using this sig over Kuda's because I like the more realistic games/anime rather than the cutesy/bubbles animes.

ShunWolfkin VS Rhikiri
Theme: Must use this stock photo HERE and the color must be based around purple
Style: Photo-Manipulation

I didn't really understand what Shun was trying to do. I like the "darker feeling" images as well ass like gradients and water. I have some weird liking for water in images.

WhatThePhuc VS Bob
Theme: Must demonstrate the image to be 'Black and White'
Style: Futuristic

The 9001 AD was a turn off since it was "too futuristic." When I think of futuristic, I think of anywhere from 2100-2500. The 3010 was more plausible than the 9001 AD, which was most likely a last ditch effort to get support, doesn't make the image any better though.

Jono VS k0n
Theme: Must demonstrate MMOG in some way
Style: Web 2.0 / Shiny and Glossy

Jono's is too high for here, not on some forums. However, I liked the design of k0ns better (see Shun VS Rhikiri for the reason)

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