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Luciane VS Senpai
Theme: Green
Style: Grunge

In terms of raw 'technique'/'artistic value', or at least my perceptions of such, I must say Lucaine has the advantage. It catches the eye quickly without being overwhelming. And is just overall very well done. Lucaine also clearly displays both the theme and the style. However, I will admit I am not fond of the way the lightning was done. It feels like it had much less effort than the rest of the signature, and thus feels off.

On the other hand Senpai goes with the less fan appeal approach. It does not grab the eye as clearly and it presents itself as a bit more 'overwhelming'. In a way this is good. Senpai shows just what can be done with grunge. Compared to Lucaine, Senpai has the stronger use of grunge. And or course green is still a present theme.

Overall this is a tough matchup in my eyes. Both clearly meet the requirements and both clearly are well done. But in the end only one can emerge, and for me Lucaine's is better pleasing to the eyes.


Glarbage VS HolyAbyssal
Theme: Graffiti
Style: Vector/Cell Shading

No offense meant to HolyAbyssal here, but the results are obvious. This is about as much of a onesided match as mine versus Rhikiri.

The points fall as follows. Glarbage was more creative with the use of the theme and style. Glarbage more clearly gets the style across while not 'shoving' it in the face of the viewer and is just overall better artistically(as far as I can see).


Vaizado VS Shnao
Theme: Orange
Style: Fairy Dust/Fantasy

In my eyes this is another matchup that is more or less one sided.
Shnao more clearly utilizes the theme/style and better utilizes the space within his signature.

Overall Shnao's appears to be the better entry in both theme/style and artistic merit.


Haiko VS Kudaranai
Theme: Anime
Style: NA

This is another of those tough matchups in which the participants go in drastically different directions(such as Lucaine and Senpai).

Haiko has a strong attention grabbing graphics with well done lightning effects and strong background. However, the text is strainful on the eyes(I think it read Dreaming with you.... but I can't be sure). Overall a strong entry that my only real complaint with is the text. Of course the style is similar to that which you see 'everywhere'. But as long as the signature is well done all that subtracts from is overall eyecatch.

Kuda went with a simple approach. In its own way it grabs and holds one's attention. And since it is simple the text is clearer. Overall, my main gripe with Kuda's is that it just seems a bit bland. There is nothing negative with it... but it doesn't really do anything special either. That isn't really a bad thing, but it makes the final choice between these two harder. Had Kuda's done something special it would have been a clear choice.

And this comment is a bit off topic, but it is kinda surprising to me that they used similar color schemes despite having free reign in that regards. I keep thinking that they were required to use a purple/blue color scheme in this one.

In the end I, while torn between the two, I will simply go with the one's who style is more appreciated in my eyes. You all can probably guess which one that is.


WhatThePhuc VS Bob
Theme: Black and White
Style: Futuristic

Once again both are well done and strike out in different styles.

WhatThePhuc probably has the more eye-catching signature. However, it is one of those that is overwhelming. Between the contrast and the 'busy' feel to the signature... well in this case I feel those traits are actually subtracting from the overall strength of the signature.

Bob's is less eyecatching but also avoids the pitfall that WhatThePhuc feel into. In addition while he has 'empty' space this space actually doesn't subtract from the overall feel of the signature(though I still think the space could have been better utilized).

When it comes to the use of the theme. Well I doubt anyone will claim they didn't both use Black and White. However, style is where it is at. My idea of Futuristic may differ from others. However, I think Bob does a better job of portraying that style.

In this regards upon retrospection I would believe that Bob has the upper hand by just a bit.


Jono VS k0n
Theme: MMOG
Style: Web 2.0/Shiny Glossy

Jono has a clean and crisp signature. However, I feel he failed in properly utilizing the space he had available. On the other hand k0n made very good use of the space inside his signature. The upper hand here goes to k0n

However, k0n isn't free from fault either. His signature is of the more complex variety, but I feel he failed to catch Web 2.0 style. Though he does deal with Shiny Glossy fairly well. In turn Jono has both a glossy feel and the web 2.0 feel. Here I think Jono just slightly edges out k0n.

Both match the theme, though Jono was clearer about it. However, I don't think either gained a real advantage here.

As a signature/banner I believe k0n's works much better. And in the end k0n has the upper hand.


Me VS Rhikiri
Theme: Picture/Purple
Style: Photomanip

I may not be able to vote here but I can still comment.

As I alluded to in previous comments this should be fairly one-sided. Simply put I failed to create a focused entry in any regards. Basically I forgot the number one rule of photo-manipulation; whereas Rhikiri hit that rule very well.

This rule is that the simplest of changes often have the largest effects. I got too caught up in 'setting it apart' whereas Rhikiri managed to hold the focus together. That and I just love signatures that don't conform to a set shape .

Good Job Rhikiri
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