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OrangeJuice will become famous soon enoughOrangeJuice will become famous soon enough

This is probably my FAVOURITE siggy out of the whole first round!
I don't know where to start - I like the image, I like the colours, I like the textures, I like the font & text, I like the style: I LOVE this siggy.

I enjoy how the colours of the buildings blend together and act as one, like a city. The rainbow sky adds a brightness to the siggy. The pencil-y buildings adds a nice grungey feel and a "my neighbourhood!" kind of sense - as opposed to a modern, straight-cut, box-y city. Very, very good.


I love the dynamics of this siggy: the robot (?) really follows and leads the movement of the siggy. I like how there is a strong focal point around the robot and that the fairy dust enhances this focal. The black also makes the other parts of the siggy pop out at you. Nice job!

I love the sharpness of the siggy - even though the text says "dreaming" which is something more soft & blurry - it adds to the intensity and a more "in-the-dream" feel, not a "just dreaming" feel. The colours go well with each other and overall has a POW-ness effect. Pretty!

Good job to both of you: your guys' siggys were the hardest to choose between! I chose Bob in the end though and this is why:
The simpliCITY adds to the futuristic style nicely and also makes the siggy very eye-apealing. I like how the image is undefined because the future is uncertain. I like how you can interpt the spiral as both spiraling inwards and outwards. Inwards like the future delving deeper into knowledge,ect. Outwards like the future accelerating foward. Cool.

I love the creativity and iniative in this siggy. I really like the image fusion of a laptop and the "O dude"! It is what it is, and it's good. A suggestion for next time is to make the siggy more sized to this forum since it is bigger than our forum's siggy size restrictions. Other than that - can't wait to see what you think of next!
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Chesters, it would have been fun to compete with you and I'm sorry that the deadline didn't work out for you. Hopefully I'll get to see your work in future events

Good job to everyone on their siggys!