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If Piercing Wave isn't AoE, then maybe the upgrade makes it AoE? Anyway, I'm liking the Scientist skill picture, and if they got a skill to increase critical damage for skills, we'll probably see something like Gun Overdrive for skills too right? The Sense, Charm and Dragon skills are the ones I'll be keeping an eye on, quite interested in how they'll implement a summoning skill and a ohko skill.

For the daily quests, I take it that's much like the fiesty koom quest we just got this patch?

Edit: Just had a thought for that buff skill, all it says is that the sword becomes longer and longer, plus it's duration, so maybe it increases rang for all buff skills?

For Reaper's Whisper, my guess is that maybe if you use it, Dark Commando and Scythe on an enemy, plus if they get affected by fear, it's instant death?

And the Soulmaster resist down skill does seem quite useless, but if the field stays there, which I'm hoping it does, and lowers resist of everything that comes into contact with it, then it can be quite good for melee sheep, and possibly even better for AoE sheep in a nice crowded map.

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