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Ok sorry for the delay, here is the most recent kTO update.

Basic interface change
-All NPCs will be visable on mini map. Except some useless ones
-Capes, Masks, Head Fashion, will now be fusable
-You will now be able to pick item using keyboard
-When you almost reach max weight, you will now receive a warning message. You will not be able to gain anymore item.

Trickster fortune updates
Card's weight have been adjusted. Higher lvl monster drop better cards. 19 kind of cards added.

My view change
Many adjustments, bug fix, view change

Rozen soul tower
-added for level 150-170 same as chaos tower.

Phantom School Dungeon Floor 2 and 3 added
- Each floor has 6 rooms total of 12 rooms added
-Monster type of 2 per floor and total of 4 type added
-14 Phantom Item added they are lvl 215 and 275 ones. Could be minus stats.

Daily quest
-Everyday, each Territory will now have a repeatable quest. But its usually done once a day.

-At the gate of Tap, Keroberos will give you a quest for lvl 270+. once a day. Kill a special golem and get 5 CDs, then go back to keroberos and he will give you 3.5Mil TM, a random lvl 275 Weapon, and 1 special coupon.

High Level territories had monster's resistant changed.

Other minor stuff are change/added that have to do with events and myshop which i will skip.


On 11/6

New 3rd job skills will be added. The description of the skill is very vague and NOT finalized. It could change last minute. So we will have to wait til then to see its true effect.

With that said. Translation begins:

Flash Cut EX
For Bunny left
Require Flash Cut. TM lvl 150 Cost 4 to learn 3 to master
Flash Cut's advance form, will now move fast to the target and give consecutive blows.
(just imagine Flash cut + Tetra in 1)

Ki Sword
For Buff right
Require: Pierce Wave. TM lvl 150, Duration: Yes, Cost 4 to learn 3 to master
Put Ki into the sword so it will become longer and longer.
(Honestly, I have no idea. A buff with a long sword means longer range attack? or makes pierce wave a big AoE. which is most likely. So it would make sense that this skill makes the sword longer and therefore, gives it an Arc to the pierce wave. Thus hits more targets? That is the only feasibility guess i can come up with)

Poison attack
Fox Left
Require: Hide, Shuriken Master. TM 135 Cost 4 to learn 3 to master
While hiding you can toss one poisonous shuriken to attack your enemy unexpectedly
(self-explanatory. Fox's Second attack move that isn't as powerful as sudden attack, but will be a very annoying skill that can be used while hiding. It seems to imply that it will not cancel hide status)

Sharpen Sense
Lion Right
require: Keen Sense, TM 150 Cost 4 to learn 3 to master Duration: Yes
Sharpen one's sense to its fullest. When using Gun skill, its critical damage will be boosted.
(again self explanatory. Gun skill's critical damage will be raise by some amount. Hopefully it will be good since lion has been shaft for awhile. We need some hax glass cannon skills)

Sharp Screech
Cat Left
require: Siren Song, TM 125 Cost 5 to learn 3 to master
When in Evolution state, You can give a high pitch screech to enemies that are around you to give damage.
(self explanatory. Siren Song, AoE version. Probably will be stronger and better? Not sure. But can only be used while Evo)

[Summon] Card Captain
Raccon Right
require: Metamorphosis, TM 170 Cost 6 to learn 4 to master.
While in meta state, You can use one ViennaCard(not sure the name) to summon a Card Captain on the enemy to deal damage.
(The skill is a little bit vague. Does it mean that it will summon a card captain that will only chase after that target that you have chosen? But regardless, it is listed officially as a "summon" skill. Which means that this creature will have life points and skills of its own. Just look at the TM level and TM points required. Its not something silly to be ignored. Potentially to be something like a hax golem. Another note about this skill is that it will not use Empty Cards. You will require a new Card to summon these. These are also suppose to be "upper class summon" considering that it is a captain. 2nd job might get something weaker. But hey card captor here they come XD. How long will these things last or how many can one summon at a time is not yet revealed. But potentially more than 1)

Holy oath
Priest/ Light Dragon Left
require: Oath of Light, TM 145 Cost 5 to learn 4 to master. Duration: Yes
From the Oath of Light gives a greater level of trust. Not only will yourself be effected, your teammates will now be effected as well.
(Description is a little bit vague. But it might as Zero had mentioned, it might just make the Self regeneration skill a party effect instead of any Light skill a party skill. that would be too hax anyways wouldn't it? But considering how crappy Oath of Light, most dragon takes it as, this might be consider as another shaft skill if it just makes the Self regen an AoE. Also the TM points for it is a huge turn off)

Reaper's Whisper
Dark Lord/ Dark Drag Right
require: Dark Commando, TM 160 Cost 4 to learn 3 to master. Duration: Yes
Summon out a Reaper to give enemies that are around the caster; reaper's whisper.
(WTH IS THAT!?!? That is the most vague thing I see all day. But reaper usually means something that is One Hit KO, since reaper's cry are suppose to be instant fatal. I know maybe it suppose to make that Dark Pact voice, but this time extremely loud that breaks your eardrum XD J/K. There are other implication since its a duration skill. Its very likely to be a add on to gravity crush or something. Like gives a "chance" to cause either chaos or instant fatal when hit by gravity crush)

Undine's Garden, Raion's Space, Salamander's Domain, Gnome's Territory, Sylph's Playground
Req: the basic seal of each type, TM 150 Cost 4 to learn 3 to master

It will lower the resistant of targets at the designated area for whichever type you want the targets to be lower again. In other words you can lower all the salamanders' resistant in that area against Fire. So they will take more damage from fire now.
(This skill are consider to be the shaft of this update unless the resistant lower is an extreme amount. Otherwise, its not that useful...)

And this concludes my report. I have no additional information and will not get them unless their GM decides to spoil more and/or when they are finally released on 11/06

Hope you guys enjoy it.
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