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Originally Posted by Kowiz
ignoring the fact that most bosses are already ohkoed
most games make it so ohko skills don't work on boss monsters
If it doesn't work on bosses, it'd be kind of useless except for in PVP/GVG since it's so easy to 1hko all of the regular monsters already. If it's on a timer (as mentioned earlier) there's not much point for using it in training because you could just kill the monster faster with a different skill. If it's not on a timer, it'd be too overpowered for PVP/GVG unless it's like a time attack deal, dark lord casts, target has 30 seconds before they die to kill the dark lord in which case the skill is cancelled, but if that was the case the skill would lose most of it's use in PVP too as most battles are over in that amount of time.

Yes many players can already kill most bosses in one hit, but that requires tons of myshop and being a really high level such as 250+ and even then, the higher level bosses such as the Queen and Spicy and the Chaos Tower bosses are usually not killed in one hit especially not by a ranged magician. The TM level on this is like 160, which means Lv.17x players could be killing all of the bosses in one hit unless it doesn't work on bosses.

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