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Default Mabinogi Book of Paladin Quest Walkthrough

Requirements to start the quest: Finish G2
Reward for quest: Paladin Heavy Stander, Paladin Natural Shield, and Paladin Mana Refractor.

You will receive a quest from price asking you to come to him. So go find that wandering merchant and talk to him to receive the Book of Paladin and the keyword [Paladin Page].

He'll explain that the book is missing seven pages and that you should look around for them. This guide will explain how to obtain each page. Please note that you do not have to do each page in order, however If you start a quest for one page you may not be able to start a quest for another page (with one exception, since one of the pages don't require a quest).

Page 1 - Eavan

Use the [Paladin Page] Keyword and she will ask for you to deliver 5 skeleton wolf scrolls to her for her page. Simply collect them or if you already have them, turn them in to her for the reward.

Page 2 - Craig

Use the [Paladin Page] keyword and he will hand you a nearly destroyed page, and a barri pass. He will explain that you need to obtain the Magic Powder of Preservation (oh where have we heard this one in the treasure chest, so go complete that barri. It isn't hard, and the boss is wisps/flying swords.

Once you return to Craig with the powder he will tell you to go to Steward in Dunbarton so that he can use the powder to restore the page. Do that and you have obtained page 2 of the book.

Page 3 - Del and the Begger

Use the [Paladin Page] Keyword on Del and she will talk to you about how the Begger might have the page, so let's find him and see if we can sca- err i mean obtain the page.

The Begger wants a t-bone steak and is willing to trade the paladin page 3 for go buy it from Gordon or make it yourself. There are two notes to this you must obey.

1. you MUST talk to Del with the keyword beforehand...the begger will still hint the t-bone steak if you don't but even if you feed him he will not give it until you talk to Del.

2. you wont hand over the steak by talking to him, you must give it to him like you give gifts to NPCs by picking up the item and moving it over him until it says 'Give' then clicking.

Hand over the food for the page, yay~

Page 4 - Steward

we could've done this right after doing craig's page!!! oh well....

Use the [Paladin Page] keyword once again, and steward will explain that he saw such a page between some books in the library, so let's head on to the other side of school~

This is very simple...just check the middle bookshelf on the left side (it may be random...but for me it was middle left and even then its not that hard to check them all)

Page 5 - Comgan

Use the [Paladin Page] Keyword and he'll send you on a quest to kill 5 (banner) imps (not entirely sure, the quest looked like it said normal imps but when i did it i only ran into banner imps so i completed the quest without seeing a normal one -and scored thunder page woo-) Take one or two barri trips and end it fast for page 5. Moving on...

Page 6 - Shena

Use the [Paladin Page] keyword to receive a quest to obtain 3 rainbow trout, all over the size of 110 cm. At this point you can either fish, be given the fish, buy it, find it, whatever as long as you got the three fish. To give her the fish however, you must repeat what you did with the Begger and give them to her each time. Ensure you start the quest first since the quest says to give it, and if you give it beforehand you will not fill in the requirements for the quest and waste fish. After the third you can complete the quest for page 6. One more to go!

Page 7 - Agnes

Use the [Paladin Page] keyword, and recieve a quest to give her 10 flowers, go grab a weeding hoe and go outside of emain and start digging (if you're lost theres a patch if you follow the west path out of town). Ten successful digs later and a small run back to Agnes and you have the final page. Let's end this easy quest~

When completing the book you will receive a pass to Coil (Paladin) Dungeon (which i took screenies of yay!)

Ok final Part time, get pumped up because you'll actually be doing fighting this time (Barri don't count, that was too easy). Basically it's...well Coil. You'll see the same monsters as normal, just in lower amounts (only 2 sprites spawn at a time, maximum). So basically just wipe the floor with the dungeon until you reach the boss, which is...

Oh god I thought we killed you in G1...fine this time we'll make sure you stay dead. Same Tactics as you did in G1 with him will work, and since you're more powerful (and got paladin to boost that power) you can pretty much one hit KO him and be done with it. Just note it may be mine but he likes to go white alot more than his G1 counterpart. Also for those who forgot...

Black - All attacks do normal damage.
Red - Melee attacks do 1 damage
Blue - Magic attacks do 1 damage
Yellow - Range attacks do 1 damage
White - All attacks do 1 damage

Beat him and watch the scene as you obtain the abilities, then loot the chest and you're done!

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope this helps in the future~ Herro

************************************************** ***********************************

This guide was written by friend Herro on our guild site and since this section was lonely i posted in here as well o3o

the begger wants 3 t-bone steaks not just 1 and yes i know the pics are in diff languge o3o

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