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1. I really suggest you get some fire resist equipment. I've seen someone that's even a lvl 42 crossbow explorer easily gets killed by 2 faeries because he had no fire resist gears whatsoever. This was because I was busy tending to Nue myself during the 3rd encounter or so, but seriously if even at that lvl and you easily die, you really notice that you're missing something. A party of mid 30s is the suggested lvl but, its really about how prepared they are. I personally soloed the entire dungeon (which includes invoke ex) on a lvl 41 warrior, its really about how prepared you are for the boss and knowing what to do. If you're really cheap and too lazy to buy all the cheap fire resist equipment already found in fm, then best thing to do is keep farming for invoke sets (Although personally, I found about 90% of my own fire resist equipment and even gotten to the point that I can probably wear a full set of fire resist equipment that is even better than the invoke set).
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