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Default Synergy Tournament (PVP 40+)
Playdays for the event are as follow:

Match 1 - Nov. 1st to Nov. 3rd
(Only 8 people has to play this match)

Match 2 - Nov. 3rd to Nov. 4th

Match 3 - Nov. 5th to Nov. 6th

Match 4 - Nov. 7th to Nov. 8th

Match 5 - Nov. 9th to Nov. 10th

Losers Bracket Match 1 - Nov. 11th to Nov. 12th

Losers Bracket Match 2 - Nov. 13th to 14th

Grand Finals - Nov. 15th to Nov. 16th
Winner of Match 5 will start off with +1 win.

Matches 1-3 are best out of 1.

Matches 4-5 are best out of 3.
Defeated players of these matches will have a second chance in the Losers Bracket.

Losers Bracket will be best out of 3.
Grand Finals will be best out of 3.

Please follow the screen shot rules ACCORDINGLY, as it will save me and you time and solve disputes a lot easier.

If you wish for me or Egeus (iJustin) to observe, please PM us in ADVANCE.

You may play all matches ahead of the scheduled date if players are done ahead of time.
You do not have to, but the matches must be played before the deadline of each match day.

The Short Story...

Synergy hosting PvP event, 1 on 1, deadline is Friday. Registration is done by sending an e-mail to with the subject of "REGISTRATION: NAME". The name will be the one you will be using for the tournament, rules are below.

The Long Story...

Yo, yo, this is Ries speaking. I am here today to present to the members of the Grand Chase game, a small little event! What kind of event you ask? A king of the hill PvP, one on one tournament of course! But you must wonder...why an one on one?! Well...first...I happen to find the card somewhere around my house and I want to get rid of it.'s ONE card, I have no clue how to split it and so we are here today. If this is beginning to interest you, continue on reading and we will catch up on some rules.


If you wish to register, please send an e-mail to with the subject being, "Registration GC:name". You may only use the name that you register under in the tournament. Failure to do say may cause you to be disqualified from the tournament.

e.g. Registration GC: Ries

I will only be accepting the first 32 players that register or more if it reaches the deadline of Friday, October 24th.

Rules & Regulations

For any tournament to be success, there has to be some rules behind it and here they are!

- Grade A and below equipment only
- Only level 40 and above may participant

All rules are subjected to change at all time, with notice of course.


There will only be one winner as I stated above, maybe next time, I'll have more cash. xD

The king will receive a 20$ Ultimate Game Card, they will receive the code.

Playing the Match

All matches must be played during the time that is given to the players, failing in doing so, may result in a disqualification for both players.

All players will be given two days for the match to be played. If extra time is needed, feel free to contact me regarding why it is needed.

During the Match

There is to be no observers at all. The only observers that will be allowed is myself, Egeus or if a GM randomly pops up. You may contact either of us (Egeus and me, you can try and contact a GM, not stopping you. ) in-advance if you wish for us to observe the match. It is better that you contact Egeus as he has greater knowledge of the game over me.

Take a screen shot of the lobby to show that both players are using Grade A and below equipment. If one of the players refuses to follow this, send me an e-mail with the chat log stating that player refused and proper actions will be taken. Also in the lobby, please put in the chat, so it can also been seen in the screen shot, "Match 1: Player A vs Player B" with the player A/B being the actual names of the players. This is for if there is any disputes about the situation.

At the end of the match, please take a screen shot of you winning or losing, failure in doing this may cause problems when resulting a match. Please also save the replay of the match as it will help with determining the real winner if there is a problem.

Egeus: Please don't youtube it.

For more help, visit this link:

Resulting the Match

Unless Egeus or myself is present, you have to result the matches manually. Please send in the screen shots of the one or multiple screen shots taken in the lobby, as well as the ending screen shot of you actually winning. If there is a dispute, I will discuss it and most likely will be a re-match depending on the situation.


Just a small word from me and Egeus, This tournament is based on trust. We trust that you, the competitors, will not lie about the true victor of the match. I'm sure everyone want to knows whose the best out there and not falsely achieve it by lying. I wish you all good luck.

Q & A

Q ) If I am not in Synergy, can I participate?
A) Yes, as long as you meet the requirements and register.

Q) If I am in Synergy, can I participate?
A) Yes also, just have to meet the requirements and register.

Q) Do you play Grand Chase at all?
A) Nope, I do not play it, but I have played Trickster Online in the past.

Q) Why are you hosting a tournament if you don't play it?
A) Well, I had this card from god knows when and I just want to get rid of it. I had other ideas, but this seems to be the best one.

Q) Why an one on one tournament and not two on two, and so forth?
A) I have heard about al ot of team tournaments, so I thought this would be interesting.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me or Egeus via forums or e-mail. Egeus can be contacted in-game as well, his forum account is LilShazbot.

Credits and so forth

I would like to thanks Egeus for helping me with this entire thing.

I would like to give credit to, Zhon, I saw your post and stole something from you. xD But here is the proper credit you deserve.
Copy + Paste = <3

I'm on GW2! Except I don't know my own Account name!

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