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Originally Posted by kuyaBaka
Ok, so with our falling activity, Logi and I thought that it'd be a good idea to have scheduled events planned out to help get some hype going on. We need a few ideas to run by Anru so he can make it all happen, so like, post away~
We really need more people active 'cause it gets lonely at times in the clan chat box. We need more people to talk to. We need more people to level up with and once we get higher leveled, we can take on raids, colonies, and even make some enemies with Citadel or Catharsis clans~ :3

I was thinking of like ...

1) Weekly mission lobbies. Lobbies drop lots of items and are pretty fun with the masses of mobs spawning. We usually do these spontaneously and normally have to scrunge up a quick 4-family team to take these. It's a lot more fun when you've got a full room of families taking down all the mobs 'cause there's more to share~

2) PvP Tourneys.I know for sure Kait and Neli love pestering everyone about PvP, so why not we make this a clan event? It'd be pretty fun to have level brackets facing off against each other, and once we get our guild fund going on we can use part of our funds as prizes for the winners.
You know how lonely it is late at night? I'm always just talking with just only one person. ];