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Originally Posted by aBstraCt
I didn't notice this post till now lol. I've gone 2 hours straight digging alone on a map without finding a single bag. I've also gone 30 minutes alone and found 5 bags. The HP theory would only work if the mobs spawn with different HP.

If this is true though, I sense a use for those +element attribute atk weapons for digging, since they apparently give more attack on your shovel.
That's assuming it wasn't previously hit, and it heals. If it doesn't heal (remember these aren't normal mobs, they may be a separate 'plane' from normal monsters) it can be hit by MANY people over the course of time, it can also have a significant amount of HP. My only question is, since there are people digging in the data, why don't they see these things, if they can surely get information about something's HP, EXP, different Attacks (even for things that DONT attack like bamboo boys!), and elemental points. Seriously, this perplexes me. There are obviously some data maps in there, I doubt they hide these specifically deeper than the rest.